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  1. I'll give you 1 guess - Which Congressman predicted this financial collapse in 2003?
  2. Obama cited Ayers job as qualification to run
  3. Anglican Church apologizes to Darwin
  4. Senate Elections
  5. McCain campaigns with Palin, Obama with his teleprompter
  6. What community college did Palin attend?
  7. Energy Bill
  8. Some freaky sh:t
  9. Does Bush get credit for this attack?
  10. Presidential Campaign commercials 1952-2008
  11. The AIG Bailout
  12. Win or lose McCain is an awful candidate
  13. Obama Supporters, a Question On Your Candidates Plan
  14. CNN Fact Checks McCain: Verdict He's Not Telling Truth
  15. Top Hillary Fundraiser now supporting McCain
  16. The Power of Political Misinformation
  17. Palin looked McCain in the eyes and didnt blink.
  18. What community college did Palin attend?
  19. Who is making money off oil prices now?
  20. Barack Obama with a one liner of his own
  21. Worst Crisis Since the1930s
  22. Freddie and Fannie
  23. Does "experience" equate to Presidential success?
  24. The most ethical Congress
  25. Palin Quote - Dinosaurs were "Lizards of Satan..."
  26. McCain and Palin agents of change.
  27. Stunning Tactical Choice by the Dems.
  28. More Accolades for the GOP
  29. I disagree with this Marine getting the Navy Cross
  30. The Canadian Broadcast Corp. View on Palin
  31. mavs howard:i'm black.
  32. Palin linked electoral success to prayer of Kenyan witchhunter
  33. Top Recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Campaign Contributions
  34. Florida Congressman's son arrested for smuggling illegals
  35. How soon after we started drilling did a barrel of gas go down?
  36. Why won't anyone pay attention to me?
  37. Hacked email, Part II {suspect named}
  38. Should There Be Independant Govt. Investigations of the Financial Crisis/Colllapse?
  39. Worst Sounding Politician Since Bush....
  40. For Republican Whiners Who Think Their Side Is So Clean
  41. What no Poll threads today?
  42. Has anyone here ever been polled for a presidential election?
  43. Todd Palin: "First Dude" or "Shadow Governor" (CNN.com)
  44. Poll: Obama tops McCain as football-watching buddy
  45. Palins enemies list grows
  46. Radical Rescue: Hundreds of Billions for Bailout
  47. Bush: I've Almost Mission Accomplished The Economy
  48. Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn: Cause of Palin UN snub= McCarthyism
  49. Obama Supporter Wants Sarah Palin "Gang-Raped" In New York City!
  50. The gift that keeps on giving
  51. Rescue Plan Seeks $700 Billion to Buy Bad Mortgages
  52. It's official: The Republicans Under Bush Bankrupted America
  53. Sarah Palin: UGH!
  54. Can someone please explain to me
  55. John McCain is a walking contradiction
  56. Obama And McCain Agree To Free-Flowing Debate Format
  57. OT: Illuminati election 2008
  58. Palin As Popular In America As Diana Was In Britain
  59. A Pig With Lipstick... They Actually Found One...
  60. Federal judge orders Cheney to preserve VP records
  61. 700 Billion
  62. The Electoral Map
  63. Poll: Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama
  64. NY Times article from 1999- explains alot...
  65. McCain's Foreign Policy Expertise Shines Again
  66. George Will - McCain "Unpresidential"
  67. If McCain won with a woman VP and croaked, we would have a woman President.
  68. Interesting Article on the collapse from Bloomberg News
  69. Congressional Republicans Protecting Corporate Executives?
  70. Should the govt be the guarantor
  71. FBI searching residence for Palin hacking evidence
  72. How the Democrats created this financial crisis
  73. Executive Editor of Bloomberg on McCain/Obama and the Economic Crisis
  74. Bill Clinton on Palin's daughter; "I like that little Down syndrome kid"
  75. First Presidential Debate: What Each Candidate Needs To Do To Win!
  76. Good Article on Palin
  77. John McCain wears diapers, his wife used to be a male, and Palin....
  78. Tax payers are getting screwed
  79. Republicans are The Recession Party
  80. Sen Joe Biden's Bonus Quote of the Day
  81. The 23/6 Consumer Guide to the McCain Car Fleet
  82. EXTRA Bonus Quote of the Day
  83. obama/palin:could it happen?
  84. Joe Biden 'Walks Back' Remarks Calling Anti-McCain Computer Ad 'Terrible'
  85. Poll: Obama Struggling To Win Over Hillary Clinton Voters
  86. Big Obama supporter bashing the Clintons, America, etc
  87. Anti-iran rally becomes anti-hussein obama rally!
  88. Left hatred for Palin - silent on ahmedinijad!
  89. Freddie’s Friend: Freddie Mac continued checks to McCain campaign chief's firm.
  90. OT: Bill Clinton just on The Daily Show
  91. What is the McCain campaign afraid of?
  92. House of Cards?
  93. Biden does it again...gotta love this guy!!
  94. bailout scam
  95. Interesting, heard this today re: financial mess ...
  96. Biden, Obama helped keep 'Bridge to Nowhere' alive
  97. Obama received $105,849 in Fannie, Freddie campaign money, 3rd Most
  98. Intelligence and who you support for President
  99. Sarah Palin's affair (the libs just wont stop)
  100. McCain returning to Washington to work on economic crisis..(merged)
  101. Racial/Ethnic voting
  102. Question and Thoughts on The Bank Collapse and The Bush Administration
  103. Is Biden a Moron?
  104. Congress doesn't get it.
  105. Sugggested John McCain Presidential Campaign Message!
  106. Palin Interview #3:
  107. bush the idiot should SHUT UP!!!
  108. Why Not to Trust the Bailout
  109. Tune into Letterman tonight - McCain blew him off, he is LIVID
  110. Is This Bailout the Only Answer?
  111. It's Witchcraft!
  112. It's Over in Britain Folks. Roll Up The Carpet And Turn Out The Lights.
  113. Oil Ban
  114. I can't wait for Nov 4
  115. Founding Father Wisdom
  116. Neither of these candidates inspires me
  117. Swing States
  118. Video: Dave Letterman Rips John McCain For Canceling Appearance
  119. I hate chain emails, I really do... but this one is too tempting
  120. Is Housing a Right?
  121. Palin being interviewed on CBS
  122. Wanda Sykes on Bailout & Palin
  123. 5th Grader Suspended For Anti-Obama Shirt
  124. Man Dies After 34 Hour Wait in ER
  125. Bailout deal outline reached
  126. So that didn't take long, McCain camp takes credit for bailout deal
  127. Sarah Silverman on the election: Video
  128. Bailout deal stalls
  129. Gallup Daily Poll 09/25/08: Obama And McCain Are TIED At 46%!
  130. So what is John McCain going to do? (In regards to the bailout)
  131. Obama's fault?
  132. If Paulson, Bernanke, Congress and Bush couldn't forsee this disaster...
  133. Washington Mutual fails, immediately sold to JP Morgan
  134. Whatever happens, this has been one crazy election cycle
  135. As of 10:30EDT today 9/25/08 what's McCain's Position on the Fed Bailout?
  136. The World According to GOP.
  137. What Head Coach Would You Pick for President?
  138. Report: L.A. grand jury probing Countrywide VIP loans (Chris Dodd)
  139. Ron Paul knew what's up then, he knows what's up now
  140. Sarah Palin on the bailout. What the heck is she talking about?
  141. Poll Summary
  142. The USA vs Great Britan: Great Britan FTW
  143. Bush just spoke...
  144. McCain will attend debate...
  145. Staunch Palin Defender: She should quit
  146. Problem in a nutshell
  147. McCain Wins Debate!
  148. For Doggin94it: Palin as the SC Beauty Queen
  149. The McCain Campaign Collapse
  150. Slate Predicts McCain's Next 10 Hail Mary Stunts
  151. Rough Week for McCain
  152. Today's national polls
  153. why there's so much hate for Sarah
  154. Isn't it a Little Scary that the "Undecideds" are Deciding our Fate?
  155. Bush The Socialist Destroyer
  156. Video: Sarah Palin's (formerly Heath) Miss Alaska Pageant
  157. Who will "win" tonight's debate?
  158. Rep. Roy Blunt, House Minority Whip: "McCain Stopped the (bailout) Deal"
  159. Since all these banks are failing
  160. Fashion Facists
  161. The OFFICIAL Live Presidential Debate Thread
  162. OFFICIAL Presidential Debate Thread
  163. Uconn L'ville
  164. The OFFICIAL Presidential Debate Results Thread / Poll
  165. Official Jim Lehrer Appreciation Thread
  166. Why did voters' image of Obama improve?
  167. Debate fact checks
  168. Round 1 in Debates goes to Obama
  169. Open Letter To Senator John McCain!
  170. My fellow conservatives...
  171. The ACORN Canard - total lies...
  172. Next Up: The VP Debate on Thursday
  173. Did anyone think Obama looked older than usual in the debate?
  174. If this dumb plan makes it into the $700B bailout plan...
  175. When did Sarah Palin turn into Bigfoot from the Howard Stern show?
  176. Understanding the Palin Selection
  177. They FINALLY have a Bailout Deal...
  178. Henry Kissinger - "McCain is right"
  179. Get on line folks! Bailouts for everyone...Auto companies next!
  180. Tina Fey does Sarah Palin again
  181. I'm surprised.......... would have thought more Obama support
  182. If Obama wins, I want to see McCain as Sec. of Defense
  183. Read the "Bailout/Rescue" Plan Bill
  184. As for people who have lost their homes...
  185. Too many Foreign policy debate questions unfair to Palin?
  186. If McCain wins it will be due to
  187. Name one Obama accomplishment
  188. OT: Dow Falls over 600 points as fear of Bailout being voted down
  189. My city in ruins.
  190. House Votes Down Bailout
  191. Pelosi is a disaster...
  192. Chavez + nukes = teh suck BIG TIME
  193. Clear front runner?
  194. 5:30 a.m. in Asia, largest sell-off in history coming?
  195. 166 Academic Economists weigh in on Bailout
  196. Greed
  197. All the bush admistration's fault
  198. Palin + McCain with Katie Couric
  199. OT: Peta Strikes Again
  200. Something we might all be able to agree on...
  201. What's happened?
  202. Deposition of GOP Computer Security expert Spoonamore Admits Ohio Vote Theft in 2004
  203. Joe Biden's $345 million in earmarks and his own bridge to nowhere
  204. MI6 agent sells camera on eBay....with secrets!
  205. The Audacity of Hip-Hop
  206. Obama suggests modifying FDIC limit
  207. Fareed Zakaria: McCains VP Choice an irresponsible One
  208. September Madness
  209. Scientists: Climate-Change 'Time Bomb' About to Go Off
  210. Well, this about seals it... the Aussies LOVE Obama
  211. Youtube: Dems blasting OFHEO regulator
  212. Im Voting For Cosby !
  213. Americans FINALLY getting it....and now pissed off!
  214. Liberal v. Conservative: Is it physiological?
  215. It's Not Your House
  216. Voting for president begins in pivotal Ohio
  217. Question for our Financial Services guys
  218. The "bailout"
  219. Partisan Politics Have Led Us to this Point
  220. Mark to Market
  221. VP Debate Moderator Ifill (merged threads)
  222. VP debate. Questions or topics in advance?
  223. Gov. Sarah Palin ENDORSES Barack Obama
  224. Conspiracy to Riot
  225. Can you stand listening to Palin?
  226. Is Gov. Sarah Palin ENDORSING Barack Obama?!?
  227. Brainwashing starts early in California
  228. Tanginius
  229. Bailout Plan: A Failure to Communicate
  230. McCain: "I've Always Aspired to be a Dictator"
  231. The truth hurts
  232. Stupid x 2
  233. Tanginius's Unofficial Anti-Palin Discussion and YouTube Linking Thread (Merged)
  234. pelosi pays husband $100,000 with PAC money.
  235. "Naked People Have Little Or No Influence On Society." - Mark Twain
  236. biden can't get his stories straight
  237. colorado dems call minorities and others "idiots".
  238. Palin's Supreme Court quote comes out
  239. McCain is not a happy camper
  240. Senate Passes Bailout
  241. Who is the early 2012 GOP Front Runner?
  242. Palin's Facebook account hacked.
  243. A History Lesson of How the Media "Fact Police" Work for the Democratic Ticket
  244. Fax from the Future
  245. Finally Figured out who Gov. Palin Reminds Me Of...
  246. Problems Brewing in Iraq
  247. Your turn to cut the pork from Bailout Bill
  248. Breaking News: John McCain is pulling out of Michigan!
  249. Fellow debt / deficit hawks: US national debt is now above 10 Trillion dollars
  250. Can anyone here see Sarah Palin sitting with G8 leaders?