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  1. More Obama Appointment News: Emmanuel, Gibbs sign on
  2. You know the economy is bad when...
  3. Something to ponder
  4. Mexico Tries to Curb Plane Crash Rumors
  5. Funny: lil O'reilly....LMAO
  6. What a President Should Know...
  7. Obama: President of the World?
  8. Chris Mathews on Scarborough on the Job of Journalists
  9. Here you all go... Hope you saved your money
  10. Renegade
  11. Change.gov (Office of the President-Elect)
  12. Did Rush Really Say "All drug users are garbage and they should be in jail"?
  13. The Electoral College Makes Perfect Sense
  14. THE best conservative voice weighs in.......
  15. are the big 3 worth saving?
  16. here's more: Govt mandated free labor, otherwise known as slavery
  17. Paulie is Not Alone
  18. The Right-Wing WSJ Editorial Page Likes Rahmbo
  19. GM shares halted on the stock exchange
  20. Obama
  21. Civil Defense Force...
  22. President Barack H. Obama: Poker Returns To The White House!
  23. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran sent an letter congratulating Obama
  24. The First Dog
  25. Finally A Republican Gets Back at Media
  26. Palin Responds
  27. Joe the Plumber - Welfare Recipient
  28. Italian Prime Minister: Obama is “young, handsome and suntanned.”
  29. Architectural plans of Auschwitz death camp found in Berlin
  30. Barack Obama will never become one of America’s forgotten presidents
  31. Hamas ready to discuss its rights and options with Obama
  32. Krugman - This is not a time to think about long term fiscal responsibility
  33. China Unveils $586 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan
  34. Palin refused to go on stage with pro-choice GOPers
  35. The night we waved goodbye to America... our last best hope on Earth
  36. Fed Refuses To Identify $2 Trillion In Bank Loans
  37. Armenian and Greek Orthodox Monks Fighting in Jerusalem - Video of Brawl
  38. Documents Linking Iran to Nuclear Weapons was Fabricated
  39. Why the wealthy voted for Obama and higher taxes...
  40. A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks
  41. They are coming up with new Al Franken votes each day!
  42. Washington Post admits obvious pro-Obama slant
  43. Voting
  44. Thanks to all the Vets
  45. Celebrate...
  46. Obama...it hasn't taken long
  47. Which kind of Republican are you?
  48. Should Lieberman be bounced from the Democratic Caucus?
  49. A view of the election, news coverage, and Sarah Palin from the Libertarian Left
  50. Will Iran develop a nuclear weapon on Obama's watch?
  51. How Is It That Ron Paul is the Only Repub Who Gets It?
  52. BREAKING NEWS: Obama Had Homosexual Affair With Pastor
  53. Mortgage Resets: why there is so much more pain ahead
  54. Catholic bishops will fight Obama on abortion
  55. Palin-Africa Story News - Fake Blogger Claims to be Source
  56. Maureen McPhilmy -- Bill O'Reilly's Wife Dated Flavor Flav
  57. Educational Threads
  58. Auto Bailout
  59. Now Philly, Phoenix, ATL want bailouts
  60. South Carolina priest: No communion for Obama supporters
  61. Bye Bye Anheuser-Busch
  62. Housing Bubble - Der Untergang parody
  63. Peter "Dr. Doom" Schiff vindicated
  64. Here's your fine...
  65. Is The Economy Heading Into A Deflationary Spiral?
  66. Obama’s First Weekly YouTube Address
  67. Hillary Clinton Possible Secretary of State
  68. Obama was featured on 60 Minutes tonight...
  69. Citibank to lay off 50,000 workers.......
  70. Auto Bailout Update!
  71. Bush Admin. to hold off spending rest of bailout, let Obama help decide
  72. Gold: Who's Buying?
  73. Creating an "Obama Scorecard"
  74. Great Interview on the Bailout
  75. Report: Hillary Clinton to accept Sec. of State position....(merged)
  76. How Obama Got Elected
  77. Lieberman keeps committee chair
  78. Video: Ron Paul questions Ben Bernanke in House Testimony, 11/18/08
  79. gulf war syndrome is real
  80. In a New Climate, Former Weatherman Bill Ayers Speaks
  81. Obama Selects his Top Choice for Attorney General
  82. OT: 8 Year old kills dad and another man...
  83. Bailout: Next in line - Builders???
  84. Wassup
  85. Al-Zawahiri (AQ) tape released warning Americans, insulting Obama as "house slave"
  86. Latest Cabinet Update: Tom Daschle Reportedly Accepts HHS
  87. Where's the "Change"? Obama to cut and paste from Clinton administration?
  88. A Very Interesting Map of Election 2008 (Washington Post)
  89. Tom Daschle will be Secretary of Health and Human Services
  90. Plumbers in Space
  91. More cabinet names:Gates, Pritzker, Napolitano
  92. MN Senate Race Recount: Your chance to judge some of the disputed ballots
  93. Dingell Ousted: Big Change in Congress
  94. Conservative Columnist: "Religion Is Killing The Republican Party"
  95. What's going on in NY you ask?
  96. James Jones as National Security Adviser, Dennis Blair as Intelligence Chief?
  97. HAHA: Palin does interview while turkey being slaughtered behind her
  98. "Obama poised to rebrand America" CNN.com
  99. Geithner for Treasury - Well done, well timed.
  100. Hidden Obama Tax?
  101. Who will Paterson choose to replace Clinton?
  102. The Federal Bailout and Luxury Boxes at Sporting Events
  103. Socialism - It's Already Here
  104. Obama's weekly address (Announces plan to create 2.5 million jobs)
  105. Obama Tilts to Center, Inviting a Clash of Ideas
  106. For the people, by the people??
  107. Churches ordered to turn away homeless
  108. world leaders spurn bush on stage
  109. Michael Jackson converts to Islam
  110. George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation
  111. American Civic Literacy Quiz
  112. Stay classy, Saxby Chambliss.
  113. Obamanomics 2009!
  114. "He’s off to a start that nearly justifies the hype." - David Brooks
  115. $7,700,000,000,000.00 -- Will You Taxpayers Be Paying With Cash, or Check?
  116. This year's version of the war on Christmas...
  117. The End of the USA Draws Near?
  118. Student Loans
  119. Obama aims to cut farm subsidies
  120. Bailout costs more than all this COMBINED
  121. See Below
  122. Paul Washer Project
  123. Happy Thanksgiving
  124. What really happened on Thanksgiving
  125. Rosie O'Donnell's new Variety Show on NBC Flops
  126. Obama's War Cabinet
  127. He's assembled a first-rate economic team. -Karl Rove
  128. Giving Obama a chance
  129. An Open Letter To Bill Maher
  130. Jindal May Prove To be Republicans' Version of Obama
  131. I was told to kill to my last breath: Captured terrorist's account of Mumbai massacre
  132. Myths about an Obama administration
  133. Rebuild the Party!
  134. Liberals form coalition to oust Conservatives in Canada
  135. Ron Paul: The Neo-Alchemy of the Federal Reserve
  136. Vilma's open challenge to anyone who can dispute these truths about the Fed
  137. Janet Napolitano has no life per Ed Rendell
  138. Stephen Colbert & Co. = Children of the Devil
  139. U.S. reaction to Canadian coalition
  140. Treasury mulls plan to lower mortgage rates to 4.5%
  141. "How Obama should fight al Qaeda" - CNN.com
  142. Welfare-State Dependency in America
  143. Congressional Hearings - A Question?
  144. Joshua House Fund
  145. The Market at work??
  146. How do you guys feel about the MTA budget situation??
  147. OT: Wifey and I are preggers...
  148. Atheists take aim at Christmas
  149. Did Obama pull a fast one on the Democrats?
  150. Double whammy: Job losses at 34-year high; foreclosures hit highest level ever
  151. Marriage Proposal Goes Bad
  152. Obama Pledges Massive Public Works Program
  153. AP - 34 Registered Lobbyists on Obama's transition team?
  154. Obama Nominates Gen. Shinseki For Veterns Affairs! ~~~
  155. Pear Harbor attack- 67 years ago today
  156. More Than 160 U.S. and NATO Vehicles Burned in Pakistan
  157. 12/7
  158. Zakaria: America Must Keep Pressure On Islamabad for Progress in Pakistan
  159. Eric Mangini = President Bush
  160. Hell Frozen Over? Warfish PRAYS?
  161. Financial Times: And Now For a World Government - Conspiracy Theory No Longer
  162. IL Governor Blagojevich Arrested for Possible Corruption (Merged x2)
  163. Two Tidbits From the Auto Ind. Bailout Loan Deal
  164. Bin Laden Reaches Out To Obama
  165. Peter King interested in Clinton's seat...
  166. the governor of illinois
  167. AP - Obama works to distance himself from Gov., fallout unclear
  168. Bush Says He Doubts Bible Literally True
  169. Joe the Plumber: McCain 'appalled me'
  170. Hitler Favored Public Works Too
  171. NYT: Big Three Failing b/c No One Buys thier cars - very interesting read
  172. So I'm Seriously Considering Running For Congress
  173. Gays urged to join 'call-in-gay' protest
  174. I have a question:
  175. True Christians Against Christmas
  176. Cool Pictures - Compliments of our U.S. Military
  177. New Ad from the Big 3 - Read the Fine Print!
  178. Scathing Editoral from WSJ - Fannie & Freddie's CENTRAL ROLE in the mess......
  179. Report: Obama to Offer Israel 'Nuclear Umbrella' Against Iran
  180. Commentary: Good planets are hard to find (CNN.com)
  181. U.S. to send more troops to Afghanistan (CNN.com)
  182. Caylee Anthony's Body Found?
  183. Ron Paul: Printing Money Only Prolongs The Pain
  184. Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion in Lending
  185. Halliburton accused of supplying rotten food to U.S. forces
  186. Clinton's Senate Seat
  187. OT: Wilpons May LoseMadoff Fraud Scandal
  188. Franken V Reagan
  189. Vatican Issues Instruction on Bioethics
  190. Playboy Sorry for Virgin Mary-Like Cover
  191. NYT, & rest of "mainstream" press- How'd u miss Chicago?
  192. Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel on tape talking about Senate seat with Gov. staff
  193. Time to fix the problem!
  194. President Bush in Iraq today for surprise visit
  195. OT: Journalist throws shoe at Bush
  196. Peter Schiff - A(n) (Economic) Nightmare Before Christmas
  197. Hey NYS Residents, instead of cutting spending, we'll just EFF you in every way
  198. OT: US Anti-Kidnapping Expert Kidnapped in Mexico
  199. Anyone see this interview with Barney Frank on 60 Minutes?
  200. WSJ: Bankruptcy Is the Perfect Remedy for Detroit
  201. Have we become morally bankrupt?
  202. Isn't Social Security the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time?
  203. JI Politics Regulars: A Must Read: Democracy, American Style...
  204. Fed cuts rate to nearly 0% - Average American EFF'd even harder
  205. Big government vs. free-market capitalism: The True Cause of the Financial Meltdown
  206. OT: No cake for young Adolph
  207. Little 'Adolf Hitler' Denied Birthday Cake at New Jersey Grocery Store
  208. Madoff Fraud and the U.S. Government Debt Ponzi Scheme (Good Call Vilma)
  209. Jesse Jackson Jr. was an informant in Blago probe
  210. Obama's education pick: Arne Duncan
  211. Republican Ray LaHood offered Transportation Secretary
  212. Gays to Obama: "You suck!"
  213. A Must Read by Anyone Interested in Truth-Economic Depressions: Their Causes and Cure
  214. An Open Letter To Faith Hill
  215. your teenager, let's call 'em
  216. Obama Chooses Pastor Rick Warren for Invocation
  217. SHOCKING! The Deliberate Crippling Of Children
  218. Hey Sackdance99 - Are you familiar with the Disputation at Barcelona?
  219. Depression 2008 for Beginners: Counterfeiting and the Keynesian legacy
  220. Germany gives the U.K. Stimulus Package the Middle Finger
  221. An(other) Open Letter To Faith Hill
  222. Coleman's Lead Over Franken Shrinks to 5 Votes
  223. With the economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise - you gotta love it!
  224. Can't make this stuff up: Bowling Lobby concerned over Obama's plans for BBall court.
  225. A way to take advantage of these ridiculous interest rates...
  226. AP study finds $1.6B went to bailed-out bank execs
  227. Conservatives More Charitable Than Liberals
  228. U.S. Economy: The Truth No One Wants to Hear
  229. Why Don’t We Have New Christmas Music?
  230. Seattle & Portland refuse to salt frozen roads...so people die
  231. Exiled Muslim tycoon pays price for criticizing China
  232. To all on the LEFT
  233. merry christmas to all.....
  234. New York's New Senator: Mayor Byron Brown Of Buffalo!
  235. Change my Butt
  236. You're a Libertarian? Good, now you're an anarchist.
  237. Emergent Church on Islam
  238. Best shoe throwing video of '2008?
  239. Israel attacks on Gaza kill 200 +
  240. A Tale Of Two Presidential Workout Fanatics
  241. Politics Forum Ground Rules Request
  242. WSJ: Palestinians Need Israel to Win If Hamas gets away with terror once again...
  243. Union dues at work!
  244. Treatment of Caroline Kennedy vs Sarah Palin- fair & balanced?
  245. Israeli Military created YouTube channel to show attacks on Gaza
  246. Israeli Military created YouTube channel to show attacks on Gaza
  247. Cynthia McCommie Relief Boat Hit By Israelis
  248. Terrific Article: What Would Proportionate Response Look Like
  249. Happy New Year to JI Politics People
  250. abstinence pledges and abstinence-only education: still demonstrably awful in 2008