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  1. Man Dressed as Santa Claus Goes on Shooting Spree
  2. Musings as we head out of 2008
  3. political help
  4. Support Israel And Fight Islamofascism
  5. Is it true that Obama's aunt is illegal immigrant living in taxpayer-funded housing?
  6. Read the ticker at Fox News
  7. Steel Industry, in Slump, Looks to U.S. Stimulus
  8. Paul Krugman: Bigger Than Bush
  9. Exclusive pic of Feds interrogating Bernard Madoff
  10. The UAW...ummm think we found the problem
  11. School Vouchers and College Savings Accounts: A Proposal
  12. Kennedy is Gov. Patterson Choice for Clinton's Senate Seaat
  13. Looks Like its Not Just Fox who Like "Magic Negro"
  14. Why do liberals love Starbucks?
  15. Dr. Ron Paul explains the implications of Israel's invasion of Gaza
  16. Bill Richardson Drops Secretary Bid Amid "Pay to Play" Investigation
  17. Oprah Winfrey 666 - The Most Evil Woman On Earth
  18. Israel is exhausted! The REAL facts.
  19. This one's for Sackdance99
  20. Bloomberg on Israel and the idea of Proportionate response....
  21. Franken declared winner over Coleman
  22. A Rookie as CIA director??
  23. Politics and World Events Board Closed for now
  24. Obama bows to Japanese dignitary
  25. Please Sign My Hampur Petition
  26. Air America Kapootsky, Officially.
  27. Interesting, regardless of your political affiliation
  28. An Interesting Phrase...(Politics Content Warning, Skip If Not So Inclined)
  29. Republicans Vote Against Bill They Sponsored. Why would they do that?
  31. Ronald Reagan would be 99 years old today
  32. No teleprompter, not talkin...
  33. Coney Island
  34. Duke lacrosse accuser charged with attempted murder, arson....
  35. What's a 'camel herder'?
  36. Man on the Edge
  37. Black People Told to Leave Walmart Over the PA System
  38. Teen Arrested in Walmart Racial Comment Case
  39. Death of a Nation.
  40. great read!!! Comments welcome!
  41. Jon Stewart's chalkboard G. Beck ownage
  42. I thought the Chosen One promised to put "Science back in the Forefront"
  43. these Goldman Sachs traders are getting crushed
  44. New York Times report says Blumenthal misrepresented Vietnam service record
  45. Plans for mosque near ground zero?
  46. They're so Courageous
  47. Obama's golf swing on tape (yes, he does suck)
  48. Victory for We the People
  49. Let's learn something from Canada! Seriously.
  50. Pending Financial Reform Bill...
  51. Why does the AL always have "Republican" red unis?
  52. The Republican Thread
  53. Barack Obama is the greatest President Since Calvin Coolidge!
  54. Fart.
  55. Preview of Obama's Health Bill consequences.
  56. Gay Rights Forum
  58. Wait....New Threads? In Politics Forum?
  59. Welcome back everyone!!!!!
  60. Lynn Stewart gets 10 years in the clinck.
  61. Obama, with the luxury of hindsight...
  62. tax cuts and the deficit
  63. Religion Of Peace To Stone Pregnant Woman
  64. Ideas for Republican Candidate 2012?
  65. Mystery Plumber in BP fix-PK's part time?
  66. You're fat, Obama knows it, and maybe will tax it!
  67. Donkeys or Elephants.. Your 2012 Ticket
  68. The "DREAM" Act? Yea or Nay? (Updated: About To Be Passed Into Law)
  69. 11 Reasons To Vote For Democrats In Nov.
  70. USDA leader claims forced ouster.....
  71. "I can no more
  72. House Panel Finds Rangel Violated Ethics Guidelines
  73. Would Hillary Clinton have Been a Better President Thus Far?
  74. How I see it
  75. Why Is It Those Who Tax The Hell Out Of Us
  76. Fox News - If You Believed Us Yesterday, You're an Idiot
  77. Would YOU support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, and why?
  78. Congressman or Woman...........
  79. Quiz Time: Which godless, anti-Capitalist, anti-American said the following:
  80. Upsetting to say the least.......
  81. double dip isn't gonna happen
  82. Welcome Back Carter!!
  83. RIP...... Brave Warriors
  84. Rep. Barney Frank causes scene demanding discount
  85. Death of a Police Dept.
  86. France declares war on Al Qaida... hmm
  87. Jim Webb (D-Virginia) Calls For End to Affirmative Action
  88. ceo pay cap
  89. Sean Bell Case Settled for $7 Million
  90. Justice for Sgt. Liczbinski, RIP
  91. Mayor Bloomberg: NYC to fight ruling on 9/11 memorial names
  92. Arizona Immigration Enforcement Law Provisions Injunction
  93. Obama on "The View"...testosterone, anyone?
  94. Obama calls African-Americans a ‘mongrel people’
  95. Timing of stock sales by Moody's chief raises questions
  96. Weiner pulls a Nutty.....
  97. Mechanical inspections for vehicles ends Saturday in N.J
  98. Forced to "Defend" Hiring a White Person?
  99. Obama's Guest at Unemployment Bill Signing a Criminal
  100. Did You Know?
  101. So this is the political forum?
  102. Burglary prevention
  103. The Attack Of The Blob
  104. Ban all nukes?
  105. Obama Caught in a Lie- Video Evidence
  106. family friendly AC?
  107. NJ Governor Chris Christie on his "confrontational tone"
  108. Israel to deport hundreds of migrant workers' children...
  109. Judge Permits Virginial Health Care Law Challenge to Continue
  110. FOX gets front-row seat in White House press room
  111. Maxine Waters Headed for Ethics Trial
  112. Brian Sandoval 2010 GOP nominee for Nevada Governor
  113. Coming to a Neighborhood near you! Section 8
  114. Your Federal Government at Work!
  115. We are under attack...from within
  116. CNN Opinion: Another View on Arizona
  117. Missourians Vote: Huge Thumbs down for obamacare...
  118. Atomic Apology? US to send first delegation to Hiroshima A-Bomb memorial
  119. Al Sharpton....calling Al Sharpton....
  120. Judge overturns California's Prop 8 (Gay Marriage Ban)
  121. Judge blocks FDNY hiring
  122. mass transit: straddle bus
  123. Elena Kagan Confirmed
  124. African-American conservatives explain that the only racists...
  125. Key White House economic adviser Romer stepping down
  126. Olbermann out at Sunday Night Football??
  127. Obama going to "forgive" mortgage debt???
  128. Chink out of our Armor??
  129. Israel being given a blank check for war?
  130. Religion of Peace, Part 2
  131. Man Receiving Unemployment Benefits Refuses Over A Dozen Job Offers
  133. Pentagon Plans Steps to Reduce Budget and Jobs
  134. Should Religious Observation Take Precedence Over Job Performance?
  135. Overtaxed Americans-over pay the civil service
  136. the Jetblue guy
  137. Muslims Want Mecca Time to Replace GMT
  138. Wells Fargo Fined $203M for Gouging
  139. Illegal Immigrants Bear 8% of Children Born in the U.S.
  140. Obama's Game Winning Shot
  141. Every Time I think I Will Become an Untra-Conservative....
  142. Surprise visitor at Saturday's practice in Cortland
  143. Man sentanced to life in prison for his 9th DWI
  144. The Race Card Is Maxed-Out
  145. Facts on Millionares-----
  146. Ever wonder why Sharpton has been so quiet lately?
  147. NY Times: Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents
  148. King Ugly
  149. The Start Of The Death Panels
  150. Compare and Contrast
  151. Sharron Angle vs Harry Reid
  152. Goodbye Iraq: Last US combat brigade heads home- AP
  153. The West Wing
  154. The Iraq War, Through the Lens of History?
  155. Muslim employee: Disney banned her head scarf
  156. He Had Only Three Months Left to Live.....
  157. The Religion of Peace and Our Ally Show What True Justice Looks Like
  158. Filthy Welfare Recipients
  159. Would you accept any mosque near ground zero?
  160. Inventing Moderate Islam
  161. Religious Bias in Regents Examinations?
  162. "Beat Whitey" Night at the Iowa State Fair
  163. Questions about Turkey
  164. Ground Zero Mosque Imam: America Killed More Innocents Than Al Qaeda
  165. N.J. Gov. Chris Christie admits clerical error costs NJ federal money for schools
  166. NYC cabbie stabbed for capital crime of being Muslim
  167. California welfare recipients withdrew $1.8 million at casino ATMs over eight months
  168. Family Sues SeaWorld Orlando, Witnessed Whale Trainer Death
  169. Import Job Creators
  170. Tony LaRussa & Albert Pujols speak at Glenn Beck Rally
  171. Amazed at the Media
  172. Interesting quote from obama....
  173. Compare garbage post Glenn Beck rally vs Inauguration...
  174. Big incentive for school attendance: Cash
  175. Two jackasses arrested for suspected dry-run terrorist plot
  176. Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole bomber
  177. Remember the couple who snuck into the White House with no credentials?
  178. Another Day, Another Democrat in Congress in Ethical Hot Water
  179. John Cusack Calls for Satanic Death for FOX News and GOP Leaders
  180. At Least 8 Killed in Cancun Bar Attack
  181. A New Look for the Oval Office
  182. The Obama Speach (End Iraq War) Discussion Thread
  183. Corporate Executives get paid more if they fire workers
  184. Kiryas Joel...no hot pants
  185. Home-Grown Environmental Terrorist
  186. Arizona Gov Linked to Private Prison Scam, Illegal Immigration Down Sharply
  187. Former Car Czar Rattner Rats on Obama
  188. Backlash Builds Over Homeland Security Program (obama amnesty)
  189. Teachers Ignore Openings- Pay for Life for nothing....
  190. Only in Today's America
  191. Taxman
  192. Figured You Guys Would Like This Quote
  193. John McCain....Go Away
  194. Almost election time....Obama looks to bribe 1.5 million households
  195. Corruption and Ineptitude- The MTA and PA
  196. Obama spends a year misrepresenting a loser
  197. Dims running against obamacare in November...
  198. Obama Losing It- Is the Pressure Getting to Him?
  199. Rodney King to Marry Juror From His Trial
  200. Gen. Petraeus vs the Koran Burning Church
  201. Holder vs. Koran Burning Church
  202. Terrorism in 2010...
  203. "My Trip to Al Queda" on HBO
  204. Complaint PA Memorial "Too Islamic".....Gotta Say, Not Seeing It.
  205. Ground Zero Mosque, in the Imam's Own Words
  206. Court allows warrantless cell location tracking..where's the outcry???
  207. Its not a mosque; its a rabat.
  208. Founding Fathers and "Religion of Peace"
  209. Health care politics run into economic reality (aka; more obama lies)
  210. No Koran Burning....
  211. NYC minority hoods hopeless...
  212. 99,000 civil servants earn >100K in NYS
  213. AP ENTERPRISE: A look at who got gov't Gulf work
  214. Reagonomics: Still Not Working 30 Years Later
  215. What do the top ten cities with the highest poverty rate all have in common?
  216. British boy gets US ban for calling Obama a ‘prick’
  217. fda to limit animal antibiotics
  218. Head of NJ Teachers' Union Makes $550,000 A Year ~ ~ ~
  219. Florida GOP ex-chief: Many Republicans have 'racist' views
  220. Rangel Cruises to Victory....
  221. A Nation on Entitlements: 70 Years Later Liberalism still doesn't work
  222. Carl Paladino...you can call him alot of things
  223. Should All Cultures be Equally Respected?
  224. Small Businesses
  225. Another Congressional Dem with Ethical Issues
  226. Even Karl Rove Thinks Christine O'Donnell is Nuts
  227. Soaring Gold Prices?? Blame Glenn Beck!!!
  228. S&P strategist at a friend's hedge fund...
  229. Seattle cartoonist now in witness protection
  230. Conservative-Liberal... is there no middle ground?
  231. Alaska's Next Idiot
  232. Obama apologist has had enough
  233. Change you can believe in
  235. Racism- Fla. Dems reveal opponent's (Alan West) SSN
  237. Lindsay Lohan has a disease(?)
  238. Poll: Romney No. 1 for GOP presidential nod, Palin No. 2
  239. Florida Gay Adoption Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
  240. Jon Stewart and Regular Folk Townhall Take Obama to Task
  241. Yet another failed obama chief says syonara
  242. Axelrod Leaving WH; Emmanuel Likely Next- rats jumpin ship
  243. Government and Union
  244. TAXES dept. : " New York, Hawaii Top Earners Face Highest Tax Under Obama . . . " ~ ~
  245. Facebook CEO donating $100M to Newark schools; announcement Friday on Oprah
  246. TARP made the US Gov't profit
  247. McChrystal Article Inquiry Leaves Questions Open
  248. Republicans Offer Their Agenda for Midterm Elections
  249. Nicaraguan Diplomatic Official found dead in NYC
  250. Discuss.