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  1. Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone
  2. And your Republican Presidential nominee is (drum roll) George Pataki???
  3. unprepared to be President
  4. John Edwards indicted on campaign finance charges
  5. cut debt or add jobs?
  6. The mother of all facepalms
  7. June 5, 1968: Remembering Bobby Kennedy
  8. Cops Cite Patriot Act For Taking Pictures At Rail Station
  9. bitcoins
  10. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  11. U2 - members of the Tea Party?
  12. Another fine program
  13. Should US Tariffs be raised?
  14. June 6, 1944: Remembering D-Day
  15. The mother of all disasters
  16. Mexico soldiers find narco 'tank' factory
  17. Bachman or Palin, Who Gives the (R) the Best Shot in 2012, and why?
  18. China and T-Bills. Did they Sell off 97% of their Holdings? Or No?
  19. IDAHO To Be the FIRST CHINESE STATE!!!!!!!
  20. Trump laces into Weiner
  21. Famous World Ideologies, as explained by references to Cows
  22. Florida to drug-test welfare recipients
  23. Obama's Economy: FAIL
  24. Election 2012: The Obama Resume, or "Why You Should Vote For Me Again" Thread
  25. More on Fiorino the legal open carry gun owner in Philly
  26. hot as hell
  27. Diaper Fetish OK. Tweeted Peen not OK.
  28. Uncle Barack
  29. Good Bye Newt
  30. Pakistan expels 90 U.S. military trainers
  31. A Question About Immigration
  32. Can the US learn from Germany? (economy)
  33. The Age Of Ron Paul video
  34. NATO and it's Future?
  35. Senator JOHN MCCAIN
  36. Letter to Janet Napolitano
  37. Sarah Palin snub by Margaret Thatcher aides infuriates US rightwing
  38. Botched Paramilitary Police Raids
  39. Temperature only in the 60's
  40. John Stossel
  41. Solutions Thread : Global Warming
  42. BofA Threatens to Foreclose Over $0.00
  43. $6.6 Billion in Tax Money is Missing?!
  44. "Things Are Worse Than You May Think" by (R) Nancy Argenziano
  45. Howard Kurtz: Bachmann steals the show
  46. Despite black parent anger in New York City, NAACP is right ~ ~ ~
  47. Pawlenty calls for tax cuts and smaller government role in economic address
  48. Libya (War #3), and the War Powers act
  49. Social(ist) Studies ruining American kids knowledge of history
  50. US fails to protect informants who lead to Osama
  51. China's "Born in the USA" Frenzy ~ ~ ~
  52. GOP House proposal would privatize Northeast Corridor
  53. Mini Ice Age On The Way
  54. Who won the June 13th Republican Primary Debate
  55. Newsman has Ron Burgundy moment W/Dalai Lama
  56. Obama blames ATM's for High Unemployment
  57. A History Lesson
  58. Pelosi's wealth grows by 62 percent
  59. Greenspan - double dip on the way
  60. Eliot Spitzer: GOP is radical
  61. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee is a moron
  62. Breitbart - Hoover Institute interview
  63. Palin says Bachmann is qualified to be president.
  64. OT
  65. Rick Perry addresses RLC
  66. NYT Op-Ed this morning defending Sharia Law in the US
  67. Is BDS about to replace PDS?
  68. High court blocks states' climate change lawsuit
  69. Bachmann Used Taxpayer Money for Political Rally
  70. Fareed Zakaria on 2011 Conservatism
  71. Newt...campaign in reverse...
  72. Obama likely to cut 10K troops from Afghanistan
  73. Project Gunrunner
  74. More big government from the Dems
  75. wow.
  76. Senate Democrats, meanwhile, have gone nearly 800 days without passing a budget
  77. Woman arrested for filming police in NY; on her property
  78. Cook Co taxpayers owe $108 billion, county Treasurer Pappas says: Greg Hinz
  79. I Caution the Republican Party leaders
  80. Escape from NEW YORK ? ? ?
  81. Rich State, Poor State: Where does yours rate?
  82. NASA Scientist Accused of Using Celeb Status Among Environmental Groups to Enrich ...
  83. .Whitey Bulger Is Arrested in California
  84. A better way to kill
  85. Our Nation is rotting from the inside
  86. CBO- Stimulus doubled US Debt...
  87. Mexican troops cross into the United States
  88. Obama praises "live" CMOH recipient who was killed in action
  89. Gay Marriage Bill Passes In New York
  90. Public employee Unions screws Democratic Gov. and the State of CT taxpayers.
  91. Ron Paul and Barney Frank Join Forces to Legalize Marijuana
  92. N Dakota floods, Missouri & AL tornado's...
  93. Lowering the standard of living for (MOST) NJ residents
  94. Did the TSA Foil Another Plot ??
  95. China's Great Swindle: How Public Officials Stole $120 Billion and Fled the Country
  96. Tax Question
  97. Blago-ing, going, gone. Guilty as Charged.
  98. Some Division in Democrat Global Warming Land? Is Al Gore A Racist?
  99. Bachmann denies she benefited from aid
  100. QE 1, 2 and 3 explained
  101. The other Limbaugh nails it
  102. War on Drugs?
  103. The Biggest Danger(s) to Peace, Security and Western Civilization Today is...
  104. See all liberals can learn sooner or later
  105. Defining the Moderate: Who at JI do you see as "Moderate" and....
  106. Westboro dirtbags? OK. Say "God" or "Jesus"? Not so much.
  107. Want to Feel Small?
  108. Obama Press confrence WTF
  109. Illegal Invaders welcomed at Senate hearing
  110. "Your" tax dollars at work.
  111. Good thing this guy wasn't hiding in a 95 year old woman's diaper!
  112. Is the UN run by the Onion staff?
  113. The "jet tax" and lessons learned (or not) from the "yacht tax"
  114. Fmr. GOP Sen. Alan Simpson Calls Republican Refusal To Raise Revenue ‘Absolute Bullsh
  115. The Economy: let me break it down for you
  116. Thaddeus McCotter to announce candidacy on Saturday
  117. Fail Safe Plan Could Stop US Default Disaster
  118. Frack You, Silver!
  119. This is legal? Accounts from a child sent to a "behavioral" camp
  120. Crops in Georgia Left to Rot as there is No One left to Pick Them
  121. Tom Petty not a Bachmann fan
  122. Union curbs rescue a Wisconsin school district
  123. Obama administration lists Israel as a terrorist state
  124. Did anyone here know about Pickford?
  125. Romney Under Attack...
  126. BP Spill
  127. Casey Anthony trial.
  128. July Fourth
  129. "The Revolution" (documentary)
  130. The Party of Wall St
  131. Presidential Power
  132. Conservative David Brooks Gets It Right
  133. Government spending
  134. Education is all about the kids!!!
  135. So, How is Egypt Doing These Days?
  136. The changing face of America's youth (CNN)
  137. Holy crap...
  138. Brit Hume- Obama in "Full Political Retreat"
  139. The Clearest article I've seen on Govt Spending and the Debt Debate
  140. Why I Am So Frustrated With Govt. and Govt. Spending
  141. Speaking of Justice: White House Supports Child Rapist & Murderer, Sides with Mexico
  142. Gary Johnson: Face Reality - Legalize Pot
  143. The South Will Rise Again...'iffin it can manage to stand up
  144. Good Cop
  145. Obama To Unveil Gun Control Reforms In Near Future
  146. The Cancer that is Rupert Murdoch is in trouble
  147. The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Even Worse
  148. Caught in the act - why citizens MUST retain the right to film police
  149. US halting 800 Million in aid to Pakistan
  150. Marines 'turn the tide' in the Fallujah of Afghanistan
  151. WOW, What a breath of fresh air!
  152. Republicans Not Against All Entitlements....
  153. Another creative example of public employee pay abuses at taxpayer expense.
  154. Who's Afraid of Ron Paul?
  155. Do YOU agree with Keith Ellison?
  156. Five Destructive Myths re Economic Recovery
  157. Frankfurt School and how the West was Corrupted
  158. British hacking scandal reaches United States
  159. The Obama Plan?
  160. Rick Perry: son of confederate veteran
  161. Do teachers want illegal students to save their jobs ? ? ?
  162. Congress Increasingly Staffed By Former Lobbyists (PDF Link)
  163. 51st state ? ? ?
  164. Moody's puts U.S. ratings on review for downgrade ~ ~ ~
  165. 32G, Why was Jungle banned?
  166. Open letter to conservatives
  167. Our "leader" takes hi s ball and goes home
  168. Aight, here's the deal
  169. I think Ham had it right...
  170. Voicing my support for Ham
  171. A message of hope and change.
  172. Ben Bernanke - spending cuts could derail this recovery
  173. US Viewed Less Favorably In Arab World
  174. Police State: TSA pat down then about to do a drug test on 6 year old
  175. Long time, no see Poli-tickles forum
  176. And some of you think YOUR country has gone crazy
  177. 6 out of 10 Palestinians Reject 2 State Solution
  178. Sports vs. Social Justice
  179. She's married to a gay man...
  180. Unions Never Compromise
  181. Breaking: Ruppert Murdoch Aide Arrested
  182. What happened to reality?
  183. Can Murdoch manage this?
  184. Karl Rove calls Obama a lying sack of sh*t
  185. Should People Who Refuse Vaccines Pay A Price?
  186. David Brooks - The Road Not Taken
  187. The New Party of Reagan? :)
  188. Cost-Cutters, Except When the Spending Is Back Home
  189. Ryan Disects the Gang of 6 Plan
  190. Obama blames.....Bush, for his lack of "change"
  191. Steve Wynn on Obama at yesterday's Shareholder Meeting
  192. Home Depot Founder on Obamanomics
  193. Some federal workers more likely to die than lose jobs
  194. Paul Ryan Explains Why we need Cut Cap and Balance
  195. What's this? Obama U-Turn on debt limit?
  196. ‘Freedom Is a Young Idea and We’re Throwing It Away’
  197. NRA's Petition to Fire Holder
  198. DUI ~ ~ DRUNK driving ? ? . . . YOU're gone ! ! ! , , , if
  199. Dirty Politics
  200. Rossi's Self Sustaining One Megawatt Reactor
  201. Um..OK..So I Have a Different Question
  202. Oslo Bombing
  203. no debt deal "we have run out of time"
  204. Detroit , Michigan ~ ~ ~
  205. Paul tops Romney in New Hampshire
  206. What $114,500,000,000,000 visually looks like in 100 dollar bills
  207. The continued effort to stall Iran's quest for NW...
  208. Mitt Romney CPAC 2011 Speech Comparison
  209. Goal: from cradle to grave
  210. Who holds America's debt?
  211. Deal on Debt
  212. "Change We Can.." Wealth Gap Widens Between Whites And Minorities!
  213. Ratings Agency Source Tells Erin Burnett: Boehner Plan Would Lead To S&P Downgrade
  214. china bullet train disaster
  215. Can't get a job? Just move...
  216. The Appalling Hypocrisy Of The Republican Party Exposed In Three Simple Charts
  217. Threats to Police Pensions, A Wake-Up Call For Cops? (with videos)
  218. John McCain Calls Tea Party Debt Demands "Bizarro"
  219. Is Glenn Beck a Genius?
  220. Obama's Leadership... Questionable...
  221. Eric Cantor Is The Hedge Funder's Man In Washington
  222. Christie released from hospital after asthma attack, but says weight chief battle
  223. What 'Big Deals' Did to America
  224. New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism
  225. Bachmann dodges personal questions
  226. Really really bad economic #'s continue-
  227. Democrats
  228. Bar Graph Describing Bush and Obama's Contributions to Debt
  229. Shields and Gerson
  230. A Word or Two on Spending Cuts
  231. More police afraid of video camera
  232. Quotes of the Day: Who Said...?
  233. Is the Tea Party Crazy or Just Nuts?
  234. Men build small flying spy drone that cracks Wi-Fi and cell data
  235. Republicans
  236. Teaching scandal...
  237. Invisible Airplane
  239. Free cell phones for the needy drawing both cheers and jeers
  240. How Apple Would Solve the Debt Crisis
  241. US borrowing tops 100% of GDP: Treasury
  242. What could Austerity America’s defense posture look like?
  243. EAD Credit Card Companies
  244. Chicago Police Shooting Spree? Halfway Through 2011, 43 Shot, 16 Dead
  245. antibiotics in industrial farming
  246. Tea Party/ GOP won't like this...........
  247. DOW Jones = Latin for morons
  248. Happy Birthday Mister President
  249. DMT
  250. AA Rating