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  1. Is Obamacare Stopping Businesses From Hiring?
  3. Romney admits he won't end Obamacare
  4. My friends
  5. Bill O'Reilly Proves God's Existence - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  6. While the Country Burns... it's politics as usual in the Tri State area.
  7. Will 2012 Be the Year When the Bottom Falls Out? --Pentagon budget
  8. The Religion of Peace Getting an Early Start for 2012
  9. Online shopping jumps 16.4 pct on Christmas Day
  10. Al-Qaida leadership almost wiped out in Pakistan, British officials believe
  11. Iran Threatens to Block Oil Shipments, as U.S. Prepares Sanctions
  12. Great budget news
  13. Ron Paul Lies About Racist Newsletters?
  14. AP sources: US to sell F-15s to Saudi Arabia
  15. Lol-publicans...
  16. Has there ever been a more betrayed child?
  17. Obama seeks $1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase
  18. The JI Poll: Romney v. Obama
  19. JI Poll: Gingrich v. Obama
  20. JI Poll: Paul v. Obama
  21. JI Poll: Perry/Santorum/Bachman v. Obama
  22. Multi-billion dollar federal ethanol subsidies set to end with close of 2011
  23. Politics, LoL
  24. Liberals Blind to Their Biases?
  25. UAE Said to Sign Lockheed Thaad Pact Valued to $3.49 Billion
  26. 8 states to raise minimum wage
  27. Analyzing the JI Polls
  28. Panetta to Offer Strategy for Cutting Military Budget
  29. Americans make up half of the world's richest 1% (CNN)
  30. The Regulatory Pendulum Has Swung Too Far
  31. Hospitals Stuck With Illegals, Uninsured ‘Permanent Patients’ at Massive Costs
  32. Watson Computer Prepped for Medicine
  33. Karzai to US: Hand Over Bagram Prison
  34. Manufacturing Is Surprising Bright Spot in U.S. Economy
  35. After a Romney Deal, Profits and Then Layoffs
  36. U.S. Economy Gains Steam as 200,000 Jobs Are Added
  37. Photo ID Requirement in Illinois...
  38. Tim Tebow: Referencing God too much, or not?
  39. Two years of progress and pitfalls under Christie
  40. Guantanamo
  41. Can a messiah win twice? (WashPost)
  42. Romney: I like being able to fire people
  43. Apple, the Liberals Favorite Company, and CEO Pay
  44. More Revenues or Less Spending?
  45. Gayest City in America Is .... Salt Lake?!
  46. Daley Departs as Obama Shifts Strategy to Confronting Congress
  47. More U.S. Part-Timers Find Full-Time Jobs
  48. Winning Our Future | King of Bain "When Mitt Romney Came To Town" [Trailer]
  49. Obama plays the race card, already?!
  50. Cause and Effect for why our Democracy is Broken
  51. Marines Urinate On Dead Taliban
  52. Return to reality
  53. What The Hell Is Haley Barbour Doing?
  54. APNewsBreak: Obama seeks power to merge agencies
  55. Newt's latest
  56. Treasury Yields Drop to Year Low as European Crisis Intensifies
  57. Sheilds and Brooks on the Politics of Bain Capital
  58. Romney's Cruel Canine Vacation
  59. Casual Marijuana Smoking Not Harmful to Lungs
  60. Homeless Long Island Teenager Is Intel Competition Semifinalist
  61. Is it politically ok to say you are happy Tebow is gone now ?
  62. Disposable People?
  63. More Self-Absorbed Behavior by the 1% To Be Used In Democratic Class Warfare Campaign
  64. Good Nuclear Iran, Bad Nuclear Iran
  65. More LOLs From The Dopes
  66. ...and Down Goes Huntsman.
  67. Daily Show DESTROYS hypocritical liberal columnist
  68. For Bitonti
  69. Mystery Illness in LeRoy NY
  70. What’s Race Got to Do With It? (NY Times Op-Ed)
  71. Does our Federal Govt. Need a Massive Consolidation Effort?
  72. Wikipedia Dark to Protest COPA Legislation
  73. Hypothetical solution to the insurance problem
  74. Detriot Teeters on the Brink of Bankruptcy
  75. Carried Interest compensation
  76. Obama administration Rejects Keystone pipeline permit
  77. Romney Parks Millions in Cayman Islands
  78. Who The Best Candidate For Me To Look At?
  79. ....and Down Goes Perry!
  80. Newt's ex-wife goes on the attack
  81. Weekly unemployment claims fall to lowest since 2008
  82. Flipping the Classroom
  83. Reasonable Profits Board
  84. SCOTUS Texas Redistricting Decision
  85. Newt
  86. Joe Biden- A precious gift to republicans
  87. A RESOLUTION urging the State of New York to use common sense
  88. Stirring
  89. U.S. aircraft carrier enters Gulf without incident
  90. Double Talk
  91. Supreme Court rules warrantless GPS tracking
  92. Obama- so this is the reason you signed off on the keystone
  93. Tim Thomas skips White House visit...silly?
  94. Romney's Income, Taxes and More
  95. Obama's Accomplishments in a Nutshell
  96. Education Costs
  97. Obamas Record with the Middle Class
  98. State of the Union running commentary
  99. Why the hell are we bckering about politics at 12:18am on a Wed. Morning.
  100. Solar Proving Cheaper Than Diesel in India Making Mittal Believer: Energy
  101. Romney’s 13.9% Tax Rate Shows Power of Investment Tax Preference
  102. Another Obama political move!!!
  103. The Kind of Politics Lie I Hate
  104. Long Term Economic News: Federal Reserve Admits Full Recovery Is Years Away!
  105. Newt and Reagan
  106. Apple
  107. Acid Rain and The Ozone Layer
  108. The U.S. Millitary and the EU
  109. Speak English, or No Political Office?
  110. Gingrich: "I want to colonize the moon."
  111. Never Let a Good Story get in the way of Reality
  112. Who are your top 8 Presidents to ever serve?
  113. Egypt
  114. The Real State of the Union - Stossel Style
  115. Police Get Help With Confronting Veterans
  116. Why Newt Scares Republicans
  117. Feds: ‘Poor’ Consume Like The Rich
  118. I am McLovin
  119. I agree with Obama!!!!
  120. Obama's Flawed Case for Insourcing American workers are losing jobs to machines
  121. Deficits apparently do matter - Politico
  122. California Working on Universal Single-Payor Healthcare
  123. NASA: Global Warming caused Mostly by Humans
  124. Your Teachers Unions At Work
  125. Occupy
  126. Funny Story: Don't wear flip flops to Gingrich rally
  127. "I'm not concerned about the very poor"
  128. No Strip Clubs???
  129. How life is valued in the Middle East (soccer riot)
  130. It's An Election Year, i.e. the "America is SOOO Racist!" Bandwagon Begins Again
  131. Congress to forfeit their benefits if they choose to become lobbyists? (vid)
  132. Komen and Planned Parenthood
  133. A democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people
  134. 19 Crazy Things That Children Are Being Arrested For
  135. Is there any advantages to being responsible anymore?
  136. Vanity Fair, Yep, Racist
  137. Zuckerberg's Facebook stake is worth at least $16 billion
  138. U.S. Worried that Israel May Attack Iran Soon
  139. So what will it be?.....
  140. Unemployment rate dips to 8.3 percent in January
  141. Will Obama release his grades
  142. Bloombergs SB Add
  143. Kennedy: Intern Sex, Best Sex
  144. Ginsburg to Egyptians: I wouldn't use U.S. Constitution as a model
  145. Here is How you Know the Eastwood Super Bowl Ad was Excellent
  146. Election 2012: How Do You Judge Obama on Foreign and War Policy?
  147. Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Cali Prop 8
  148. The Gospel According to Obama
  149. Former CIA operative on the Iranian Threat
  150. Obama vs the Catholic Church
  151. Republican Ticket...
  152. More War?
  153. White House official says Obama will free 10 states from No Child Left Behind
  154. The Man Who Refused the Nazi Salute
  155. Congress Welcomes The Drones
  156. Retail Sales in U.S. Probably Rose by Most in Four Months on Automobiles
  157. Pentagon’s Budget Plan Is Said to Get 40% of Cuts From Weapons Procurement
  158. Middle Class Dependence on Federal Funds
  159. Help Me
  160. ObamaCare Architect: Premiums to Soar
  161. Happy Birthday, Oregon!
  162. Electric Cars
  163. President Santorum Wants You To Know...
  164. Virginia Republicans Mandate ‘trans-vaginal ultrasounds'
  165. Preppers: crazy or correct?
  166. Consumers not fooled by gov’t. stats
  167. Chris Christie vetoes bill allowing same-sex marriage bill
  169. Hypothetical Pro-life question
  170. Obama’s 2013 Budget Seeks Increased Flexibility for Coin Compositions
  171. Military bases in the California desert could host seven gigawatts of solar power
  172. I love it
  173. Pain Without Gain
  174. OWS getting serious?
  175. Dow hit 13,000 today
  176. One Town's War on Gay Teens
  177. The value of government
  178. One thing we've gotten from talks with Iran
  179. Mitt Romney: "I Love Lamp"
  180. only the rich....
  181. That Peaceful Iranian Nuclear Program
  182. Utah Senate approves tougher tanning rules
  183. Guns Are Good For You
  184. Fraudulent Teacher Data Reports Released NYC
  185. Another Obama fundraiser turns out to be a bad ambassador
  186. Middle East
  187. obama's "algae" energy speech
  188. January business borrowing up from year ago
  189. Cut the crap
  190. Report: Russian and Ukrainian Agents foil plot to Assassinate Russian Prime Minister
  191. Still think Sharia law is sneaking into US?
  192. Santorum: Obama "A Snob" For Wanting Everyone To Go To College
  193. Santorum: Satan is Systematically Destroying America
  194. NJ gov to detail mandatory drug treatment plan
  195. Commissioner Roger Goodell Brings Politics to NFL
  196. Sen. Olympia Snowe won't run for reelection.
  197. Michigan/Arizona "Game Thread"
  198. We have lost our government.
  199. Our Free Media at work
  200. Romney flip flops on Blunt Amendment
  201. Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart dead at 43
  202. Its still the economy, stupid.
  203. Clinton : Time to embrace Keystone .... ~ ~ ~
  204. Israel – Iran Military Comparison Juan Cole
  205. Marriage Equality/President Obama
  206. Incompetence: Cost Estimates For Obama's Health Care Overhaul Soar By $111 Billion
  207. Incompetence: General Motors Pauses Production Of Chevy Volt/1300 Layoffs
  208. Healthcare Costs in the U.S.: What's the Solution?
  209. Sandra Fluke
  210. Public Spreads Blame for Rising Gas Prices
  211. Boycott Rush Lim(p)baugh – List of Sponsors
  212. White Applicants Blast FDNY After Being Denied Entry To Preparation Class
  213. Journal of Medical Ethics: After-birth abortion: Why should the baby live?
  214. Bin Laden not buried at sea, body moved on CIA plane to US
  215. C'mon ladies, wake up and stop being used and played for political points.
  216. POLL: How Different Limbaugh Is From Other Republicans
  217. Check out the crap kids are eating at government schools
  218. The Rediscovery of Character
  219. GOP Challenge...
  220. KONY 2012
  221. concentrate on the **** that matters...
  222. A football thread for the Political forum?
  223. Obama's Harvard tapes...released tonight
  224. Workin' it...
  226. Well that didn't last long...
  227. N.J. revenue up in February, but still 1.7 percent below estimates
  228. "llegal Immigrant" or "Undocumented Guest", the Battle Over Language Cont.
  229. Job creation Obama v Bush
  230. Social Justice, con't
  231. GAO: Banks Paying Back TARP with Federal Money
  232. boobies
  233. What's good for Obama
  234. Consumer Confidence in U.S. Rises
  235. U.S. gains 227,000 jobs in February Best stretch of job growth since 2006
  236. Face of the True 1%
  237. Conception to birth- visualized...amazing
  238. Rick Santorum Takes Kansas Caucus as Romney Wins Weekend’s Other Contests
  239. Retail Sales Likely Rose on Autos, Fuel
  240. US soldier murders sixteen in afghanistan - including 12 women and kids
  241. Syria
  242. Rush Should Be Force Off the Air by FCC (CNN/Opinion)
  243. Free Contraception? Why stop there?
  244. Photo ID's
  245. Should Viagra be covered by Healthcare?
  246. Are all liberals liars?
  247. More than half of Mississippi GOP voters say Obama is a Muslim, new poll suggests
  248. Student loans: The next debt bomb
  249. Grover Norquist Jon Stewart unedited interview
  250. An Alternative Higher Education System