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  1. Thank You Sooth
  2. "No Chance" of Hargreaves to United...Trezeguet "an Option"
  3. Premier League Footballers use Babies as Repair-Kits
  4. Soccer *******s, Find This Video For Me
  5. Argentina Vs Brazil 9/02/06
  6. Football (Soccer) Songs
  7. wow!....
  8. Celtic star leaves for the Premiership
  9. Man City Suspends Ben Thatcher for 6 Games
  10. Transfer Deadline Day in the Premiership
  11. 2006 world cup DVD
  12. No Premiership this weekend?
  13. Ashley Cole joins Chelsea
  14. Kobe Bryant always wanted to play for AC Milan
  15. Gallas threatened Chelsea he would score an own-goal
  16. Materazzi Speaks!
  17. France 1 Italy 0
  18. Clash over FIFA Plan to Impose 18 Team Top Tier Leagues Averted
  19. Good Link For Champions League
  20. Donadoni needs to recall Azzurri Champions
  21. Peru vs. Ecuador
  22. Ashley Cole insists he's not a greedy, money-grubbing wanker...
  23. Today in the Premiership (ESPN.com)
  24. Nasty Knee Injury - Jimmy Bullard
  25. The reason Cole left Arsenal? He was jealous of Thierry Henry.
  26. Today in the Champions League (9/12) (ESPN.com)
  27. The Most Ridiculous Goal You'll Ever See...
  28. UEFA Scores 9/13
  29. Dear Christiano Ronaldo.
  30. Red Bull stadium breaks ground today...
  31. Stromblad or anyone: Anybody see the BBC Documentary on Football Bungs?
  32. Bribery inquiries in the Premiership
  33. NY Cosmos movie on ESPN2 right now
  34. LOL new Nike commercial with Matterazzi
  35. Ca$hley ****'s Agent Suspended by FA
  36. TV Broadcasts?
  37. EA Sports' FIFA '07 Comes Out Oct.3 (Oct 31st for 360)
  38. Video of an awesome Arsenal goal
  39. Russia Wins Homeless World Cup
  40. Hilarious article about Schevchenko by David Hirshey: We like our Ukranians FLAMING!
  41. Scotland Beat France!!!
  42. Just When you Thought it was Over...Materazzi to Write Joke Book about Zidane
  43. Theo Walcott: Still Better than You
  44. Croatia overwhelm England 2-0
  45. Italy issues Warant for Chinaglia's Arrest for Insider Trading and Extortion at Nazio
  46. OT Jay DeMerit English Premier League
  47. 10/14 Today in the Premiership (ESPN.com)
  48. David Hirshey: Don't Blame the Meds (Deadspin's Premiership Column)
  49. Chelsea loses 2 Goalkeepers during match (video)
  50. Dempsey - 2006 Futbol de Primera Player of the Year.
  51. STOP THE PRESSES: SHEVA GETS A GOAL! (ESPN Premiership Roundup 10/22)
  52. Hirshey: Praising the Enemy, Begrudgingly (Deadspin)
  53. USMNT Coaching Update (from ESPN The Magazine)
  54. Milan Derby
  55. Once again, Italian football shows it's a disgrace.
  56. Serbian Soccer Fans Embrace the KKK (video)
  57. OT: * Breaking News * Barbaro * Cast Removed!!!!!!!
  58. MLS Championship
  59. Freddy Adu is probably going to leave MLS
  60. AWESOME video
  61. WTF is going on in this video?
  62. The Most BADASS U-10 Team EVER!!
  63. Celtic shocks Man U
  64. Beautiful goal by Ronaldinho...
  65. Cannavaro wins Balon D'Or (European Footballer of the Year)...
  66. Internazionale milano
  67. Fans Inter
  68. Klinsmann To Coach Team Usa!!!
  69. Bob Bradley, not Klinsman, to Coach US Men
  70. Adu Traded to Real Salt Lake...
  71. Champions League Knockout Round is set
  72. Nice soceer fight,for all of you soccer lovers
  73. David Beckham Says To Leave Real Madrid, Sign For La Galaxy
  74. OT: David Beckham to U.S.
  75. Wallbangers?
  76. Reyna to join Red Bulls
  77. Beckham is English for "Pele"
  78. Insane video of a sudden windstorm on a soccer field
  79. Ronaldo going to AC Milan
  80. Spurs get UEFA bye
  81. Who remebers that Bill Simmons article where he picks an EPL team to root for?
  82. Celtic FC to face MLS All-Stars
  83. Italian league halted by violence
  84. Official Mexico vs USA thread
  85. Liverpool FC bought out by - gasp - Americans
  86. Zizou to the Redbulls?
  87. Its Official...MLS is a Junior League...And America owns the Premiership...
  88. Interesting Thread..."Soccer Fans" comment on the Superbowl
  89. wow, Ronaldo IS fat
  90. Now Milan is looking for Ronaldinho
  91. USA playing in the S America Championship
  92. Good CL Matches Today
  93. World Cup Soccer Online Game
  94. Chelski win first trophy of season
  95. Robbie Fowler to the NE Revs?
  96. Arsenal out of FA Cup
  97. Premiership Being Elbowed Out of China by NFL & NBA...
  98. Beckham out up to 6 weeks with knee injury
  99. Valencia defeats Inter and then throw down and Champions report
  100. Biiiig Match today...
  101. UEFA Match Day 8
  102. OT: Italy vs Ireland (RUGBY)
  103. MLS and Bundesliga team up to improve U.S. game
  104. Euro 2008
  105. USA Vs. Ecuador (3/25)
  106. USA vs Guatemala
  107. Argentine soccer hero Diego Maradona hospatlized
  108. Champions League
  109. Champions League: United thrashing Oma 4-0 at half
  110. CL Semi Finals starts today
  111. Going Down, Going Down, Going Down, AKA The Alan Lee Appreciation Thread.
  112. Arsenal will Look like Crap again Next Season...
  113. Liverpool's hero GK was robbed last night during the game
  114. Congratulations Manchester United...
  115. Ye£aaaaaahhhhhh!
  116. "Nose of God" Released from Hospital, Vows to Stay Clean, Fat
  117. Study Shows Fans Think About Soccer 80 Times a Day
  118. A Friendly Wager
  119. Gerrard expects a tight match with Milan
  120. Champions League Final Liverpool-AC Milan pre-during-post match thread
  121. Does anyone watch MLS?
  122. Hargreaves to Man U Official...
  123. Henry to AC Milan? (or, "Fun With Idle Speculation Part I")
  124. Gold Cup opener - US vs. Guatemala, tonight
  125. Gold Cup game 2
  126. Gold Cup 07 Team USA vrs Trinidad and Tobago
  127. Liga
  128. Henry Agrees to Deal With Barcelona
  129. Team USA vrs Panama Gold cup Qtr finals
  130. Juan Pablo Angel Is a Beast
  131. Licurgo.
  132. Soccer sucks! No, American football does!
  133. Milan reveals their top target
  134. Lalas: MLS on Par with the Premiership
  135. Chelsea's new Away Kits
  136. Mets Interested in Starting NYC MLS team.
  137. USA vs Canada (Semi's)
  138. Mexico vs USA (Gold Cup Final)
  139. Thierry Henry signs with Barcelona.
  140. Wenger wants Dein back or wants out of Arsenal
  141. Maybethe Gold Cup should have been on an English speaking channel
  142. soccer tv ratings better than stanley cup
  143. A special gif of that incredible goal on Sunday
  144. Beasley to Rangers (?)
  145. Mexico Stuns Brazil
  146. ****La Official Estados Unidos Y Argentina Partido Thread****
  147. U-20 World Cup
  148. Spectacular Goal by Freddy Adu
  149. U.S. exercise at the Copa America ends pointless
  150. Good Jersey Site?
  151. LA Galaxy have new uniforms?
  152. Very interesting article about Beckham adjusting to the American game
  153. Celtic FC vs MLS All-Stars on ESPN 2
  154. Join The Mighty Green Army Of Plymouth Argyle!
  155. Watching Bayern M. vs Shalke?
  156. Iraq wins the Asia Cup
  157. I heard Freddy Adu got signed by a Portuguese team...?
  158. Manchester United signs 9 year old boy.
  159. Hammers Agree to Tevez Transfer
  160. Great Soccer (football) Site
  161. Hooligans:The Untold Story
  162. Manchester United v. Chelsea 8/5
  163. God Help The USA Rugby Squad
  164. Toronto FC vs. Los Angeles
  165. OT: Best Soccer Chants from the UK last year
  166. USA - Brazil scheduled for Sept. 9 in Chicago
  167. Beckham gets his first goal in MLS.
  168. The Difference between Man U. and a Triangle?
  169. USA vs Sweeden
  170. Tailgateing the Dolphins@Jets game sep. 23rd
  171. Possible MLS Additions
  172. ETO'O Out 2 Months
  173. OT: Rugby World Cup Starts in 1 Week
  174. Champions League Group Stage Pick 'Em
  175. Ferguson takes another shot at Beckham?
  176. Arsene Wenger to Sign 3 Year Extension with Arsenal
  177. Scotland 1, France 0
  178. Mexico vs Brazil @ foxboro
  179. Maureenio Sensationally SACKED
  180. Scottish "Old Firm" Fans Exposed
  181. Arsenal Now Richest Club in England
  182. USA vs Brazil women
  183. This is unbelievable...
  184. Nice Goal by Beasley Last Night
  185. All Time Tables: Premier/the old Division One
  186. Reason Number 5,461 to Hate Chel$ki
  187. Magico Gonzalez: the Maradonna of the Poor
  188. *
  189. Dida and Milan
  190. OT: For Trade - Madden 08 (XBOX 360) for NCAA 08 (XBOX360)
  191. 2014 World Cup Awarded to Brazil
  192. Juve-Inter
  193. F-cking Boston continues to dominate in EVERYTHING
  194. MLS in Seattle
  195. Who's the Worst 'Diver' in Soccer?
  196. Kaka could leave Serie A if violence in Italy continues
  197. Scotland vs. Italy
  198. MLS Cup
  199. Report: Real Madrid interested in Altidore
  200. Euro 2008 - England Ousted by Croatia!
  201. Benitez: Gone?
  202. U.S. Draws Barbados/Dominica Winner for WC Qualifying
  203. Soccer Stands Collapse in Brazil, Killing 8
  204. Mourinho to FA: "Come and Get Me"
  205. Do you like or dislike the Champions league format?
  206. Scott Carson as a Child
  207. Kaka gets Golden Ball Award
  208. Euro 2008 Draw
  209. Construction begins on Red Bull Park
  210. Sheva to NYRB?
  211. Fabio Capello: FA Approved
  212. Champions League Draw
  213. Captain of Scottish soccer team dies after collapsing during game
  214. Cricket Sours Relations Between Australia and India
  215. Chelsea signs Anelka
  216. Don't mess with Tony Yeboah, or he will....
  217. Liverpool fans protest against owners
  218. Spuds 5, the Arse 1.
  219. Eddie Johnson to Fulham
  220. The Great Goals Thread
  221. Ray Shines in on Soccer
  222. Jozy Altidore is Amazing
  223. EPL Teams Want to Play Overseas
  224. Hitler hates Arsenal
  225. Serie A Fans? I will be in Rome April 8 - 15
  226. US Soccer Schedule '08
  227. Ronaldo's Carreer Over?
  228. United 4 Arsenal 0
  229. How do you rank Europe's top championships?
  230. Kaka talks about the upcoming CL clash with Arsenal
  231. **Official Champions League Thread**
  232. Arsenal's Edouardo Severely Injured
  233. Excellent video...
  234. Nice Goal by Ronaldinho
  235. Stay Classy Aston Villa Fans
  236. Riot in Colombia
  237. OT: 80 wounded in Brawl
  238. **Official Olympic Qualifying Matches Thread**
  239. Le Grand Slam
  240. Zidane Forever
  241. AC Milan First in Line for Ronaldinho
  242. Hillsborough
  243. Crazy story about Steven Gerrard's problems with organized crime
  244. All Time Draft
  245. New Nike Ad..."Take it to the Next Level"
  246. The Official All Time Draft Thread
  247. The Official All-Time Draft Picks Thread
  248. For the 17th time....
  249. The Official All Time Draft Discussion Thread
  250. Panenka Debate