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  1. Need graphic design help with font and jpg file for sticker
  2. Hammer of the Gods Redux
  3. The Friday hot lesbians thread
  4. Rip allen shellenberger (drummer of the band lit
  5. Obama Stamp
  6. SEARS is great. Really.
  7. Off to Jersey...
  8. Anyone Out There?
  9. First Published Piece
  10. Wright Beaned By Cain... Can It Get Any Worse?
  11. Worst Sports Injuries (OUCH)
  12. Point Pleasant
  13. tech issues again with JI - anyone else?
  14. Things That Are Out of Place
  15. Usain "lightening" Bolt
  16. Laptop help
  17. Portrait of Eric Mangini as a Young Man
  18. My 5000th Post
  19. How Would You Feel if Your Wife Was an Actress...
  20. Best. Movie. Ever?!
  21. Computer Question - Windows
  22. Pretty cool story
  23. Just bought a 2000 BMW 540i M5
  24. District 9 is the best movie i have seen in a long time.
  25. Texting while driving?
  26. The END of civilization
  27. New Jersey is number 1...again!
  28. Wanna get high?
  29. 25 Wildly Inappropriate Statues
  30. Can i get a photoshop quickie
  31. Best Automobile GPS Units
  32. 'Survivor' Hatch says imprisoned because he's gay
  33. Marissa Miller appreciation thread...
  34. Overweight people...listen
  35. Got a new Trumpet "what instrument you play ?"
  36. The Time is Right Again
  37. Anyone hear of the band "Chickenfoot"?
  38. Worst songs
  39. the new ps3 slim (and price drop)
  40. Advice on haggling for a new car....
  41. Holy Crap it's lightning hard
  42. Check out the licsense plate I just ordered for my new car...
  43. Brett Favre, the early years
  44. Robot Sex...
  45. Piece of arse post of the day
  46. He or she?
  47. Warfish's New Music Recommendations Thread (AiC, Muse, Radiohead)
  48. Get to know the Hampurites: Post interesting and little known facts about yourself.
  49. New smiley face technology sucks
  50. Great & Horrific Nicknames
  51. Inglourious Basterds this weekend? Anyone?
  52. Piece of arse post of the day 8/20
  53. The Australian Pink Floyd Show
  54. Francesa @ Bar A in Belmar
  55. JI & JN Merging?
  56. "I'm not a big gay guy"
  57. Is that Jennifer Aniston's hoo-hoo?!
  58. Internet detox center opens...
  59. Bruiser: A street sweeper's tales
  60. Wall Street Books
  61. For my 100th post
  62. Happy Birthday, Hawaii!
  63. Piece of arse post of the day 8/21. This one's for Borgo
  64. wedding song help
  65. Long Island Surfers
  66. The Ask A Stupid Question Thread (We Wont Laugh)
  67. 2009 Barclays
  68. 1 Important JI Mystery to Solve Before the Season...
  69. I've seen three great flicks this week...
  70. Free food offer
  71. Awesome Time Waster (outside of this forum)
  72. Emily Scott
  73. Emergency!
  74. I bid Adeu hampurites.....
  75. Hang gliding, parachuting, bungee jumping, etc...
  76. Cuba won't allow women to box in the Olympics
  77. Losing the internetz- my personal story of strength, will, and courage
  78. B.B. King tonite!! Anyone been to Ives Concert Park--WCSU?
  79. Your Ultimate Fantasy
  80. HDTV Help needed: LED any good? ping SAR
  81. Rate Weezer New Song
  82. Who would win in a fight?
  83. Best NY Sports Radio Caller
  84. Little League World Series
  85. Any fans of the band Suede here?
  86. Beetlejuice = BEAST
  87. Women with tattoos... gross looking!
  88. Need Restaurant help in the City.
  89. Hurricane Bill...(pics added)
  90. QUIZ: ID These People from Creepy Stalkerish Photo
  91. Vilma here.....
  92. Who wins this battle?
  93. Kill Time Before The Game! Help Me Create My Friggin Outlook Email Signature!
  94. Fresh from the garden
  95. The "Age of Innocence" is gone
  96. Holy sh*t the pfail strip is in midseason form...
  97. Most Dangerous Celebrity...
  98. A little nostalgia...
  99. Do you use the Invisible Mode and Why?
  100. OK, which one of you jokers is this?...
  101. What do you enjoy most about a campfire?
  102. Kentucky Fried Chicken-Now we know why FF2 hasn't been around
  103. Tomorrow's Practice
  104. Shaq versus..........
  105. Ted Kennedy - DEAD (merged)
  106. Whats Up with Hampster FF Draft?
  107. Michael Jackson alive!!!
  108. Another Zombie Movie
  109. Never noticed this before...
  110. Do You Take it...
  111. The Pootrap
  112. who says soccer isn't a contact sport??
  113. Toes
  114. Jason La Confora vs Kid's Beat
  115. Hey Doots Who You Use for Car Insurance?
  116. I am tired of my neighbor's loud moaning
  117. I am tired of my creepy neighbor listening to my loud moaning.
  118. Italain PM Berlusconi shows how to get out of a parking ticket...
  119. All Mah Exes Lives in Texes
  120. C,mon kid...
  122. FF2®'s Response to All You Haters™
  123. Flight of the Conchords
  124. Nickname for Mark Sanchez
  125. New Story: jetstream23 has best fantasy football draft
  126. Jobs You Would Like to Try
  127. Bill would give president control of the internet
  128. What would you do with 325 Mill?
  129. Going to my first Jets home game this year...couple questions
  130. Can you identify this actress?
  131. Bear Apocolypse> Zombie Apocolypse?
  132. Anyone watching the ESPN high school football game?
  133. DJ AM found dead in NYC.
  134. Have You Ever Been to Jail?
  135. Halloween 2 review (merged)
  136. European Vacation Poll
  137. LOST revenue from JI
  138. Hacking NFL GamePass?
  139. You're a bust.
  141. How do you get past a IP ban?
  142. XBOX WTF
  143. 9/11: Science and Conspiracy
  144. Golden Corral
  145. What's the Meanest Thing You Ever Did to Someone?
  146. Intelligent Question For The Day
  147. My solution to "global warming"
  148. American Idol Fans ...This Season 3rd Place Finisher Gets A Record Deal
  149. Happy Birthday Free !!
  150. Rose Bowl-powerful photo
  152. Does anyone wanna do some retahd football bet this year?
  153. KID ROCK at Terminal 5 last night...
  154. ok, enough is enough now...
  155. In case you don't believe the Jets front office thinks you are a complete f*ing moron
  156. SNY: Please Dump Kirk Gimenez!!!
  157. First 3 days of College
  158. Getting Broken Up With
  159. ****Official Hampur Jets-Eagles Game Thread****
  160. Yeaaah...
  161. Survival?
  162. Funny sites:
  163. Beer Wars Movie
  164. Tuna Salad
  165. Seinfeld charaters
  166. OFF OFF topic...Miley Cirus tickets??
  167. Defendant empties own colostomy bag onto table during court, proceeds to eat contents
  168. This or That
  169. Ever weigh yourself before and after you drop a bomb?
  170. Bill Simmons - Vegas Stories
  171. Freddy got fingered
  172. Major Caddyshack Problem.
  173. Wet Iphone help.....
  174. Wow, this is a scary movie, I hope...
  175. How much $ should the tooth fairy leave my son?
  176. The Beatles remastered
  177. Happy Labor Day!
  178. Sons Of Anarchy
  179. Stafford to start for Lions
  180. it's 4:20
  181. o hai! teh innard-netz iz...
  182. All Hail The Cheeseburger
  183. Swedish dad tries to breast-feed
  184. Reliant Stadium's Roof Policy
  185. Best sidekick ever (TV)
  186. What the hell is a "doot"?
  187. Now this is messed up.
  188. The Wolfman- Looks like great old-fashioned monster movie
  189. Springsteen Ticket Drop for all Giants Stadium Shows now
  190. Cartoon Trivia
  191. Fatcessa....Rude and crude
  192. O.J. Simpson GOD or man
  193. South African runner is both a women and a man
  194. Christian Bale Dance Remix
  195. 9/11
  196. Interesting website on teacher/student sex scandals
  197. Kathy Griffin spoofs Kate Gosselin
  198. In line at the supermarket...
  199. Making money online....
  200. vacation suggestions
  201. Fricken Racoons
  202. Who's the father this time?
  203. My top 10 list of annoying things
  204. Police: Michigan Mom Found Long-Lost Son Online, Raped Him
  205. Borgo: Can you help with a thread title?
  206. Jordan's HOF speech
  207. 21 Guns
  208. Blueprint 3 - new Jay Z album
  209. Michgian
  210. Buddy Guy and Quinn Sullivan
  211. THIS GETS ME AMPED UP......
  212. greatest halloween movie ever! TRICK 'R TREAT out on 10/6/09
  213. What's that song?
  214. MTV Video Music Awards
  215. How you anchoring your tailgate canopy
  216. RIP Patrick Swayze
  217. Can someone go get 32green and bring him back to the Hamper?
  218. Jets-Houston Cheerleader Highlights: Houston won this game
  219. Like Um...
  220. Was DWC2 right all along?
  221. LCD TV shopping
  222. Breaking News: Jessica Simpson's dog snatched by coyote
  223. Mob Sinks Boat Full of Radioactive Waste Off Coast of Italy
  224. U2 360 Tour
  225. getting it in the can
  226. Midnight Run Litmus Configuration Scene
  227. Mary Travers is Gone!
  228. Don't be stupid, be a smartie....
  229. Wow! Gov't agency (ACORN) prostitution investigation (video)
  230. F1 Fans: Renault Will Not Dispute Accusations of Self-crash, Briatore Leaves Renault
  231. Natural Air Conditioning...
  232. Is anyone else...
  233. ATTN: Roger VICK!
  234. 2 mile high...
  235. Who needs a missle defense shield...
  236. Hey Jets Fans Want To See Kaysar And James Sneak Into The Big Brother House
  237. Favorite Eddie Money Song?
  238. America's Got Talent (2009)
  239. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  240. Newsman Ernie Anastos Drops The F-Bomb On TV!
  241. Woman told to stop taking items from Goodwill's trash
  242. New Rammstein video
  243. Richard Neer on the FAN
  244. Mayweather Fight, Anyone Know of Any Internet Options to see it Live or shortly after
  245. Lexus LS460 vs. BMW 750 - Help me choose
  246. A Wayne Chrebet Signature.
  247. Foreign Car Parts?
  248. Chica Me Tipo is evil.
  249. Curb Premier
  250. Caption this Photo from Yesterday's Game