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  1. Summer Camps.
  2. A Father-Sopne Hampur Moment
  3. Jump Rope
  4. I married my boyfriend's Dad.
  5. Who's DTF?
  6. Is This Was Passes as a "Super Model" Nowadays?
  7. Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)
  8. Irony Alert: TJ&TW Probably Moving to New Jersey
  9. U.S. officials say an extensive stash of pornography was found in UBL compound
  10. Random Journal Entries
  11. Water, Gilmour and Mason, Live 5/12/2011
  12. Happy Birthday wenbao12345, wenbao1234, wenbao123456
  13. The Cars - Move Like This
  14. ahh criminals...so dumb they make it easy sometimes
  15. Locked Out, But Still Beautiful
  16. Summer Movies 2011
  17. Dam
  18. 'V' Canceled
  19. Piece of **** job
  20. Dock Ellis' LSD No Hitter
  21. Spring 2011 Planting--let's try to get this right 32
  22. Wedding gift advice needed.
  23. Not everything in Boston is bad...
  24. May 21, 2011
  25. Falling Skies
  26. Crazy Month!
  28. Roger Daltrey Performs The Who's Tommy
  29. Our home was invaded this weekend....
  30. When I log on to JI, I click on ______ forum first.
  31. Classic NY Post Cover
  32. I've had wrestless legs since as early as I could remember... Anyone have any advice?
  33. Your hours of work...
  34. I've had expoosive direrear since as early as I could remember... Anyone have advice?
  36. PhiLLy-Stacks on the track "Out My Section"
  37. 'Teach Me How to Dougie' Singer Montae Talbert Dead
  38. 31 Shows Axed by Networks ... So Far
  39. Hampur (Lexicon) version of an Urban Dictionary...
  40. Casey Anthony: another case of a hottie psycho
  41. Most Hampur worthy play from a great weekend of Lacrosse...
  42. It's a Movement...but is it Hampur Enough, There in 2011?
  43. RIP: Harmon Killebrew
  45. Kia Commercial
  46. Well as long as we're going all thread necro...
  47. Yo Warfish, I know the feeling....
  48. Go The F*ck to Sleep
  49. When did you realize you hated Gordon Lightfoot?
  50. Hell breaking loose in my hood last night!
  51. Photo fans...
  52. Delicious!
  53. Songs That Make You Happy
  54. He should have got to the choppa...
  55. Mantle&NamathDrunkKidDurden
  56. HS teacher gets gangbanged by 5 students
  57. Everyone in Teh Hampur has had this same thought -
  58. Every Dad has had this same thought -
  59. Civil Debate Please: Who in the hampur is the easiest to replace?
  60. For THose That Remember Him
  61. School/Work Dilemma
  62. take back your idiot.
  63. CDC Warns Public to Prepare for Zombie Apocalypse (no, seriously!)
  64. Yea so apparently the world is ending on Saturday
  65. Last-minute travel vacations
  66. Weekend Road Trip: Baltimore
  67. Rim jobs - Yes, No, Maybe.
  68. Who woulda thought it?
  69. You know what gets better with age?
  70. Bicycle question
  71. Girl that flashed at Canucks vs Sharks last night
  72. Does anyone know Herminsul Garcia-Galvez?
  73. Very good reminder...for Dads or those who aspire to be
  74. Is it safe?
  75. This man deserves a monocle...
  76. The Official Thread on Threads
  78. Great film
  79. Murderball
  80. building a home
  81. Apple doesn't love you, they just want your money
  82. (Video) Girl that flashed at Canucks vs Sharks
  83. Randy 'Macho Man' Randy Savage - Dead
  84. Happy Friday Hampurites
  85. Talk about having a bad night!
  86. Danger: ZOMBIES
  87. Give squirrel a whirl....
  88. Official Petition to Make Rage Comics our Smilies
  89. New Seether Album
  90. Summer movies- GREEN LANTERN
  91. Horrified Viewers Flee Antonio Banderas' New Flick Due to Extreme Sex, Violence
  92. OT: End of World 6PM 5/21
  93. Musical comedy acts
  94. Has a better rock song ever been made?
  95. Harold Camping - So many families affected by his prophecy
  96. i lika da cheez
  97. Tribute to 80's Metal
  98. Any new music sharing sites??
  99. I updated my C.H.E.'s, *****ES!!!
  100. God Wants You to Wear a Hat
  101. Computer Troublez
  102. Tier 4 Law School
  103. How the rapture was avoided.
  104. Randy Poffo
  105. Bring on the Rage!
  106. So My Birthday is Coming Up And This is What I Got
  107. New Topless beach on LI?
  108. ****ing spiders.....
  109. The 50 Most Beautiful College Campuses
  110. Anyone into Wrist Watches?
  111. Flogging Molly anyone?
  112. How much time do you spend watching TV?
  113. Before Airplane Radars Existed
  114. Model Estella Warren arrested, attacks cop, escapes, recaptured
  115. Using the whole fist Doc???!!!
  116. Sucky movies that don't suck.
  117. Bob Dylan is 70 today
  118. Anyone else have a s***y day at the office?
  119. Eternal Earth-Bound Pets
  120. Vacation Thursday and Friday
  121. What's worse than getting an air hose stuck in your buttocks?
  122. The Hangover Part II Tonite--Midnight showing!
  123. Movies others think are teh awesome but you think are teh suck...
  125. 2nd grade play....
  126. anyone here have a verizon/direct tv bundle
  127. RIP Mark Haines
  128. Up since 1am, *****es!!!!
  129. Epic Bohemian Rhapsody Rage Comic
  130. Stupid laundry condition
  131. Bumper stickers obsession
  132. Kids do the darndest things...
  133. Baseball question for the hampur...
  134. Looks like many of us here have tornado watches..the old dude was off by a few days
  135. Breaking News: Justin Bieber gets tattoo
  136. I'm in Worcester *****es!!!
  137. for when its all just too much
  138. Now this is how you wallpaper...
  139. Police Break Up Illegal Mice Racing Operation in Iowa Bar
  141. Dog tease
  142. Have you ever been ripped off?
  143. Have a great weekend everyone
  144. Horse Lovers
  145. I'm going home, *****es!!!
  146. Celebrity Death Pool--I've got...
  147. I'm addicted to this site...
  148. In Honor of One Special Rays Fan
  149. Gill Scott Heron won't be around to see if The Revolution is Not Televised
  150. Best way to rip DVD to iPad/iPhone/H.264
  151. Did Raoul Duke ever get his BBQ sauce?
  152. Wild finish to Indy 500...
  153. chillin' *****es...
  154. Summer Vacations 2011
  155. New Parody Track: Terminator
  156. Professional Troll
  157. My DROID phone a POS...anyone else having issues?
  158. Roof Top Baseball at Wrigley *****es!!
  159. 100 DAYS WITHOUT CIGARETTES!!!..................................... .....*****ES!!!
  160. This just freaked me out!!
  161. Procuring Evidence...
  162. In other law enforcement news.....
  163. Tornados wiping out Chowdland
  164. You are WELCOME.
  165. Hardwood floor advice
  166. Stephen Hawking's dog talks
  167. Rod Belding
  168. Where Are You In The Spectrum?
  169. HELP! Tips on leaving a job
  170. Chinese Teenager Allegedly Sells Kidney For iPad 2
  171. If you had a lamination machine and could laminate one thing what would you laminate?
  172. If you could kill someone and get away with it, who would it be?
  173. External Fixation
  174. Corporate sponsors and owners are killing sports
  175. I posted this sign in my coffee station at work....
  176. Sony hacked again
  177. LOL, some loser posted this sign at my coffee station at work
  178. In other raccoon news....
  179. The dreaded 'department lunch'
  180. RIP Jack Kevorkian...
  181. this ever happen to you?
  182. Daily Show: Me Lover's Pizza With Crazy Broad
  183. First killer rabbits, now this...
  184. Common!!!!!
  185. Who hasn't picked up Bono????
  186. When you don't have the heart to say STFU
  187. Is Don Cherry gay?
  188. Creepy $hit
  189. How do you know if you did well in a job interview?
  190. French Open Final
  191. weird picture...think the two guys in background will catch s*** at school tomorrow?
  192. I need me my sammich!!!!
  193. Joe Namath Commerical - Olivetti Typewriter
  194. Skimboarding
  195. Songs you are listening to.
  196. Fake Windows 7 Security Center, System Restore Malware - Beware!
  197. Oh. The Horror.
  198. Amazing freaking gold ball video.
  200. Animated movies on BluRay? Or DVD?
  201. Why won't my kid eat?
  202. The Lunacy of ESPN
  204. First female state trooper to lose her life in the line of duty.
  205. Never prouder
  206. Hampur tattoo
  207. How am I supposed to surf the webz??!?!?!
  208. Costumed Dad Waves
  209. Oldest female body builder: Ernestine Sheperd
  210. i hate fat people
  211. Southpark (Mid-season Finale Spoilers inside)
  212. First time car lease (need input)
  213. Is this jetsrules?
  214. Wife posses as teen to catch wife cheating
  215. It's Hot, *****es!!!!
  216. "It's good to be with a wiener"!!
  217. Famous Act: Crocodile-phony Tears/Fake Cries
  218. Been there, done that...
  219. A tree grows in Brooklyn?...
  220. Rampage Jackson love to Motorboat!
  221. Everyone on Google....
  222. My new hat
  223. I DIDN'T KNOW!
  224. United Airlines Passenger, Single-Handedly Joins Mile High Club, Is Arrested
  225. Kansas City girl, 5, may face murder charges in drowning
  226. In Vegas *****es
  227. For paulie....start saving!
  228. NYPD Damages 5 Series BMW while towing after idiotic park job
  229. Clarence Clemons Suffered a Stroke...
  230. This dude is 18 years old
  231. Doooshback
  232. This has to be a form of cruelty...
  233. Delicious!
  234. been there, done that pt2
  235. Stolen iPad 2
  236. This is a professional athlete??
  237. iPad2 For Sale
  238. Do you play golf?
  239. WTB iPad2
  240. Employment Question
  241. Cuban: Mavs might not get rings.
  242. Kings of Leon. Any fans?
  243. "Catcher in the Rye" anybody?
  244. Freeadcar.com? Anyone have any experience?
  245. Jokes, who's got em?
  246. Another Sign We're Getting Old: Bueller Turns 25
  247. technology...i'm getting left behind
  248. Enjoy
  249. Bizzarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman
  250. Val Kilmer.....WTF