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Thread: 2006 Draft

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    2006 Draft

    I hope all you Bradway bootlickers who pimped the same workout warriors, terrible players that Bradway loves will have the good sense to keep quiet about next years draft. I am talking to all you self proclaimed internet draft geniuses who were pimping Justin Miller, Pouha, Doug Jolley, Mike Nugent, Adriana Jones, Bryan Thomas and assorted other Bradway Busts workout warriors.

    Football players are not evaluated on highlight clips from internet sites or 40 times and vertical leaps, but by their play on the field in major conferences.

    I thought Miller was the worse pick of the draft (and I said so repeatedly before they actually drafted him) , but I have to go back to last years workout wonder hidden gem that Bradway 'discovered' at the combines... Adriana Jones.

    He managed to knock out two, count 'em two QB's in one game. The most blatant was being a matador move to the Jags defensive end who ended the day and maybe the season for Fielder, but he along with Fabini was responsible for knocking out Pennington. Fabini fanned on the play where Chad had the ball knocked loose but on the next play it was Jones who couldn't block the DE who sacked Pennington, forcing a fumble and caused Pennington to land on his shoulder.

    Please keep next years draft discussion to play on the field.... Hopefully, Bradway won't be there to continue the destruction of the franchise.

    Anf if you want to play the blame game, at least get the target right. Terry Bradway is to the Jets what Mike Brown was to FEMA.

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    Just shut up, you egomanical DUMBASS!!!!

    You know NOTHING!


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