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Thread: Football is a buisness!!!!

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    Football is a buisness!!!!

    For those who are criticizing posters wh say to cut Chad, and saying they are insensitive, or How can you treat Chad like that. Guess what, with the salary cap you cannot have loyalty anymore. The facts are if your prodution does not equal your salary you are either cut, or asked to take a paycut. Succesful orginizations know this, the Pats nd Eagles pay for what players WILL do not what they have done.

    It is a sick and cruel buisness, Chad has earned more than enough money, dont feel sorry for him, anyone will wish to be in his place, even with the injury. The facts are we are a better team capwise without Chad nesxt year.

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    I just love the hypocrisy of most of these posters. They grab onto a guy who never justified his paycheck and will spend the rest of his life in good shape as long as he doesnt blow his money..

    Yet... we have Dennis Byrd, a guy who will never walk again, and how many "Go Dennis" mentions do we have around here? None. Most Jets fans here can grow a heart really fast it seems.


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