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Thread: Before Chad's injury on Sunday, one thing was clear to me.

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    Arrow Before Chad's injury on Sunday, one thing was clear to me.

    And that was he was not right. The lollipop passes were not going to get us anywhere this year. Curtis was not going to be effective. Chad simply was not ready to play QB in 2005. Defenses knew this and were licking their chops. Cris Carter was right, folks. He might have been a jerk about it, but he knew what he was talking about.

    As bad as I feel about losing Chad for the season, this could be a blessing in disguise for the Jets. You CANNOT win in the league with a QB who can't throw the ball further than 30 yeards. I don't care how smart or couragous he is. It doesn't matter.

    Bottom line: Even if he wasn't hurt last week, he needed to be benched.

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    As bad as I feel for Chad, you are absolutely right about this and he simply wasn't getting better. We were not going very far with Chad this year. Which is why I view losing Jay as the bigger tragedy on Sunday. At some point Chad would have had to go to the bench. He simply was not effective. I know this sounds crazy but...if the team can protect Brooks B while he gets in synch with the offense I feel we can be respectable this year a la the Ravens of 2000 with Dilfer at the helm. Our defense can hang with any team this year and if we can sustain some drives, mix the run and pass and limit mistakes we can win many games. With Chad we simply could not move the ball, defense was on the field forever and we cannot win games that way. LETS GO O-LINE!!!! PROTECT BROOKS. GET THE GROUND GAME GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SUSTAIN SOME LONG DRIVES!!! OWN THE TIME OF POSSESSION BATTLE!!!GIVE THE D SOME REST!!! WE CAN WIN GAMES!!!

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    This is only a blessing in disguise if we end up with BETTER QB play as a result. I don't believe this will happen with Vinny or BB for that matter.

    Vinny is capable of throwing the ball all over the field but he will turn the ball over constantly also.

    BB is just a very inexperienced QB who cannot be trusted not to do something stupid with the ball.

    So I don't understand where you find this is a blessing in disguise?

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    Right now you can throw that fish further then Pennington.

    Right now you could start for the Jets.

    Pennington had one great half a year that's all.

    One great game against the Patriots.

    After that a special playbook was made up to stop him.

    And it has been in effect for sometime now with teams that matter.

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    I hope chads shoulder gets better next year

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    Blame Herm And His Gut.


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