This is something I've been saying alot since I was 10 yrs. old.
Here's some of those times.

Richard Todd throws 2 balls right to AJ Duhe.

Jets move to Giants Stadium.

Jets lose last 5 games in 1986.

Mark Gastineau roughs the passer.

Jets Draft Mike Haight.

Joe Walton runs 200th 3rd and 7 draw play.

Blair Thomas fumbles away a sure victory on Mon. night in Chicago.

Boomer Esiason's last play Hail Mary lands 15 rows deep in the stands.

Eric Allen runs past each Jet 3x on way to TD.


Bubby Brister shovel pass.

Leon Johnson option pass.

Replacing O'Donnell w/ Ray Lucas.

Dave Megget forgets he' s supposed to catch the kickoff.

Vinny's Achilles.

Chris Mcallister's TD return.

Chad's wrist.

Lamont Jordan option pass.

Doug Brien's misses and misses again.

That's a lot of heartache. This week still is now tougher to swallow than any of that was. We lost our QB probably for good and lose any chance of getting the team back in NY. If they stayed at Hofstra things might be a little different but leaving there is like flipping the bird to the loyal LI fan base.

I'm still a huge fan, that won't change but this whole week has been very disheartening. Chad's shoulder and NJ Jets in one swoop-I really wish that didn't just happen! But It did, and just like when I refused to believe as a little kid that the Jets were leaving shea- It's time to realize unfortunately, this is really happening.

Lets Go Islanders!