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Thread: Jets/Ravens Interesting Re-match

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    Jets/Ravens Interesting Re-match

    I just finished re-watching the infamous NFL game of the week special from last season on my DVR lastnight and was reminded of the details we never get to experience in a live game. Ray Lewis and Johnathan Vilma were miked along with both coaching staffs. All of the questions about the clock management issue between the coaching staff and Quincy Carter, the Lamont Jordan interception in the endzone, and the Bishop Harris/Herman Edwards near squabble on the sideline were all answered vividly. My takeaway from that inside look varied extensively from the media's presentation/interpretation. These were several of many instance where we blamed Herm for mis-managing aspects of the game he clearly wasn't directly at fault.

    It also showed the match/counter match of offense vs defense on a play by play basis and Herm could be heard constantly alerting the defense to the play about to be run (correctly).

    What is all this blabbing about? After I watched that game again, I was relieved in knowing that we will be OK with our defense on Sunday and the offense will be the best it's been all year when we play Bolli Ball. The Jets will shut down the Ravens offense led by Anthony Wright. To think, we're 7 point underdogs.

    Jersey Jets will be 2-2 by 7:00 on Sunday.

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    Time 2 Get Bizzy!

    Indeed! The Jets will win!

    Here is yet another good reason why the Jets will win:

    Today at work, this one guy is running around like a nut, trying to do everything. As he's fixing his lunch, I walked by and noticed he was putting yellow toner on his hotdog. I was all like, "Dude! That's not mustard! You'll get sick if you eat that red hot like that!"

    He looked at me as if I was totally insane (true) and said, "But it's yella."

    I said, "Yeah, dig it. Yella, pilla, winda, tomorra. I can dig it. But the mustard bottle in the frig is generic. You don't have to worry about it being French's mustard, cuz it's not. You're not giving any support to France, dude."

    Then he said, "So that means the Jets are gonna beat the crap out of the Ravens."

    I just said, "Dig!"

    So there you have it! Another fine lesson in logic and cohesive thought!

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