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Thread: Mike Heimerdinger - Unsung Hero (merged)

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    Mike Heimerdinger - Unsung Hero

    Don't know if this has been posted yet...

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    He had a solid game plan on Sunday. We didn't exactly "light it up" though. Still waiting for an effective running game to be established.....

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    I read that article. I think a more deserving "unsung hero" is Donny Henderson.

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    Arrow Heimerdinger : Unsung Hero ~ ~ ~

    Unsung Heroes: A whole new plan
    By Pat Kirwan / Senior Analyst

    (Editor's note: For eight years, I have written the Unsung Heroes column during the season to bring attention to the people behind the scenes that help make some of the extraordinary things happen in the NFL on any given weekend. At the end of the year, the Unsung Hero of the Year is presented a trophy made in the name of Chip Myers, a longtime NFL assistant coach and former player who passed away just days after he was elevated to his first coordinator's position with the Minnesota Vikings. Chip was well respected by everyone in the coaching ranks and embodied all the virtues assistant coaches need to be successful. He was humble, a good teacher, a loyal friend and a tireless worker.)

    (Oct. 11, 2005) -- Each and every week, many good assistant coaches and coordinators put forth great efforts. Week 5 of the NFL season was no exception. This week, I praised offensive coordinators who knew that defenses had been catching up to them with a month's worth of game tapes to review and break down, and a defensive coordinator who had his team wired to stop one of the best offenses in the NFL.

    ~ ~ ~ 3. Mike Heimerdinger, offensive coordinator, New York Jets:
    For some who follow the New York Jets closely, this may be an odd selection for you to understand. The Jets are struggling, but last week's winning performance against the undefeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed me what Heimerdinger is capable of producing when he has a healthy quarterback. Forty-one-year-old Vinny Testaverde was outstanding after just six practices under the direction of Heimerdinger. I can only imagine how different this season would be if the coach had a healthy quarterback the whole time. Testaverde is the fourth QB to play in the five games.

    But to understand what Heimerdinger is accomplishing, you have to go back to the beginning. He arrived in Jets camp last winter to change an offense. He loses his starting right tackle and blocking tight end in free agency. Then he loses the backup running back and heir apparent when LaMont Jordan heads over to Oakland. QB Chad Pennington misses all of the offseason installation of the offense while recovering from shoulder surgery. Jay Fiedler gets all the practice time and he goes down with injury just when Heimerdinger needs him the most. Third-string QB Brooks Bollinger fails in his first opportunity to start, and along comes Vinny T.

    Right now, the offensive coordinator has helped stabilize a sinking ship, and it will only get better as the weeks go on if people give him a chance and they don't lose any more players in the first year of a new system.


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    iT IS A GOOD READ AND A GOOD POINT ABOUT 'DINGER. Donnie h deserves kudos but he hasn't had quite as many early setbacks as dinger in terms of personnel losses. When our o-line fully fathoms his zone blocking scheme, which will happen even more this week, our offense is going to start to click-mark my words.

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    PS-Kelly, how's it going in Denmark? My mother is visiting there this week. Brussels and Amsterdam as well.


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