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Thread: Vinny out to just have fun!!

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    Vinny out to just have fun!!

    Hopefully this means he will finish his career with a bang. What would that be? This story has the potential to bypass John Elway's finish as the greatest Cinderella story ever. Its too soon to think super bowl...but not to soon to shoot for it. As Testaverde gets more acclimated to the system, he will become more comfortable. For Vin its now or never..and believe me he wants to win!!

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    I believe those are Vinny's thoughts - exactly.

    "Itís always a fun place to go play, the crowd is into it, they love football, they love the Bills and Iíve always enjoyed going to play there and watching the crowd. Itís fun for players, if you step back and enjoy the game, to see your opponents crowd, how they react to their home team. Itís a fun place to play."

    On how he is adjusting and "crash coursing" with the new O.C.'s playbook:

    "You never have your whole playbook at your disposal at any given time. You take a group of plays out of your playbook and go by how the defense wants to play you and where you think they may play you. Hopefully, you pick the best plays and go from there. But I feel comfortable with what we have in the playbook right now. Physically I feel great. After a big win like that it makes you feel better. I just hope that I can continue to feel like this throughout the season." - Vinny Testaverte 10/12/05.
    Press release courtesy NY Jets Media Dept.

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    if and I mean IF we make some serious noise this year and do the unthinkable, this will go down as the greatest sports story in History.. Bigger than Tyson-Douglass... Bigger Than Namaths Guarantee.

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    i don't want to get my hopes up too much, but it would be great.


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