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Thread: Good but not great

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    Good but not great

    After this loss to Buffalo, it has become obvious that our defense is good (and at times can be very good). But it is not great. Perhaps we are missing a piece of the puzzle that would make it great. The defensive line? Linebackers? Secondary? Play Calling? Cut throat mentality? Whatever the reason, this is not a great defense. The Kansas City game aside (in which we got swamped very early in the game), this game against Buffalo proves that this is not a great defense. Great defenses do not allow the Bills to completely pound the ball the way they did.

    This is not to say we cannot win with this defense. However, this defense needs the offense to pick up the slack as well (which I simply do not see them being able to do on a consistent basis this year). But when you have a great defense, 17 points (regardless of how they came) should always be enough to win a game. Good defenses can be exposed at times. Great defenses never are.

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    I think that maybe we were fooled by the fact that our defense scored a few times last season by some veterans, and we overrated our own defense.


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