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Thread: Why is so much invested in the Combine

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    Why is so much invested in the Combine

    I have noted that players positions in the draft move depending on how well they perform.

    Seeing how this produces so many players who fail later on, why not scout college players and just pick ones who can flat out play.

    The circus that is the draft baffels me as a soccer fan, we scout various players in different countries and select the ones who can play the majority of the time the player does well.

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    Cause sometimes it hard to decide how much better one guy may be then a similar guy, but if you get them together, and get to look at the entire herd of studs all at once you get a better feel for how to slot a guy.

    What you lose out on is a players "Football" skills.

    I hate when a guy skyrockets because of some drill he performed well in, or because of his mesurements. IMO the combine is best used by those that can look at a bunch of guys and tell you who the studs are, without looking at a watch.

    If nothing else it tends to weed out the guys that may have looked great on film but not inperson.


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