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Thread: NFL Parity and the Colts

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    NFL Parity and the Colts

    There's something weird going on this year, that perhaps hasn't been seen in quite some time.

    There's a massive divide between good teams and bad teams, with perhaps 1 or 2 teams that actually have everything together and look like a team that got it all done during training camp, believed in their system, and execute week in and week out.

    No doubt that the large amount of season-ending injuries and suspensions have had something to do with it, but it's still hard to swallow that the Colts are that much better than every other team in the NFL. In fact, the according to the records and rankings (offensively and defensively) of every team in the NFL, it appears that the whole league, not just the NFC as has been said in the past is bad. In other words, you can go through every team this year, except for maybe the Colts, and see that there are glaring weaknesses that weren't addressed personnel-wise or are being addressed in the respective coaches systems.
    Here's a few examples based off ESPN/NFL Power Rankings posted today:

    1) Colts-The defense is playing over their heads, when reality hits in these situations it tends to hit hard, however, Dungy's a great coach with a sound system and lots of young athletes on the defensive side of the ball. Statistical Rankings: 4-Offense, 4-Defense

    2)Broncos-Sound Defense, great O-line, lightning fast LBs, good D-line (thanks to Cleveland), and superb Thunder/Lightning RB tandem (Bell and Anderson). WR's are a nice mix of veterans and young athleticism, however, it baffled me at the time that they signed him and continues to confuse me as to how well they are playing right now. Jake Plummer is playing WAY over his head right now. This guy averages barely more TD passes than Picks year in and year out. ESPN has them ranked as #2, but I honestly believe, like the Colts D (as history has repeatedly proven as well) that Denver isn't as good as its record would indicate. I think the Giants game was more of an indication of as to what kind of QB Plummer is. Statistical Rankings: 3-Offense, 22-Defense

    3)Steelers-Great Defense, Great Running game, great O-line, 2 stud WRs, Stud Young TE (who should've been a Jet), At least 3 Defensive Pro Bowlers (Polamalu, Hampton, Porter). Roethlisberger's money in the clutch. Underachieving? On paper, they should be the class of the AFC. However, their loss to New England was prior to the Pats' complete devastation via injury and the loss to Jacksonville was due to Roethlisberger missing the game. However, the loss to Jacksonville was borderline inexcusable, they have the talent to beat teams on both sides of the ball, even without Big Ben, truly a testament to how awful Maddox is. Statistical Rankings: 24-Offense 8-Defense

    4)Falcons-It's glaringly obvious that this team, while sound in most facets of the game, has a subpar secondary and really no passing game or threats in the passing game other than Crumpler. They will not be representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, mark my words, anybody, as the Jets showed (despite the Testaverde-ing of their offense that game) that if you have an edge defender with speed and a fast linebacker, you can shut down their run. The Jets defense played well that game, just Vinny giving the defense such awful field position that they lost. Statistical Rankings: 14-Offense 18-Defense

    5)Panthers-This team is confounding. They have talent in the right places, and (even minus Jenkins) have one of the top defenses in the NFL. This team will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, I'm calling it Now, Steve Smith is MVP and they're 3 deep at RB. Their QB has played in the Super Bowl and they're battle tested and playoff ready at almost every position. Chris Gamble is a great young Corner and Ricky Manning Jr. is no joke. John Fox is a great coach, and despite the soirees of their cheerleaders, are a threat as they hit their stride just recently. They will take down either the Colts or Steelers and win the whole deal. In fact, if you look at both the Colts and Steelers, their CBs aren't particularly strong. Smith is getting triple teamed now, but it matters not, this team is going to cause some serious issues.
    Statistical Rankings: 18-Offense 11-Defense

    Now this is the dropoff I speak of, there's from what I can see 3 Super Bowl honest to God contenders in the top 5, and if you work in the Pats (who are a completely different team come playoff time) you have 4 teams who will meet in the conference championship. Shanahan and Plummer have too much to prove to even be considered a contender yet. Support for that statement is that if you load up at RB with any team that has John Elway as its QB then you will win a Super Bowl. Remember that. Shanahan is the most overrated coach in the NFL. Additionally, his arrogance is the reason Plummer's there at all, he thought he could be "the Man" to bad he's "the Snake".

    6,7,&8)Seahawks, Giants, and Bengals-Very similar teams, great offenses, mediocre defenses. The Giants are still 1-2 years away from Manning being a Super Bowl QB. Holmgren hasn't done squat in Seattle despite explosive talent there year in and year out. History will play out as usual and they're both first round fodder. Cincy's a year or 2 away and Chris Perry will have a big say in that as well, he should be starting at RB for them.

    As for the rest of the league:

    Nobody warrants a thought here. None of these teams are heading anywhere.

    This is a boring, predictable season thus far and I have been very disappointed by the lack of excitement or surprises at all. Everything is going just the way it should have except for the absurd numbers of injuries.

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    ((((((WOW))))))Nice outlook you have there!!!!


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