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Thread: when is Fiedler coming back

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    when is Fiedler coming back

    Come On People Can't You See Bollinger Did Not Get It Done ,vinny Did Not Get It Done fiedler Is Not Coming Back For 2 Weeks ,we Are Out Of Playoff Contention .give Him 1 Game See What Kliff Can Do Come On Herm

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    at this point i say let him sit the whole year, have him healthy for next year and let bollinger finish it up.

    Ive always said i would never root for my team to loose, but at this point i JUST dont care, play JMiller/Strait at corner let him season the same for houston and all the young guys.

    And if we can get "the president" in the draft then so be it, he will be a great young runner to replace Cmart.


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