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Thread: Mock Draft (based on us NOT getting Bush)

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    Mock Draft (based on us NOT getting Bush)

    I copied the 1st 2 rounds from DE94's Mock because they're perfect.

    1st round: LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson - Virginia

    2nd round: WR Martin Nance - Miami (OH)

    3rd round: RB Maurice Drew - UCLA

    3rd round (comp): OG Mark Setterstrom - Minnesota

    4th round: QB Josh Betts - Miami (OH)

    4th round (comp): DT Jonathan Lewis - Virginia Tech

    5th round: CB Marcus Maxey - Miami

    6th round: OT E.J. Whitley - Texas Tech

    7th round: CB Cletis Gordon - Jackson St.

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    No way Drew is going in the 3rd round this year, he's this years Darren Sproles. Great college RB, but if he does come out he'll be a second day pick. Someone's definitely taking him b/c of his punt return abilities though, but there's at least 8 or 9 RB's coming out that are better suited for the NFL running game than Drew.


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