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Thread: Vince Young

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    Vince Young

    I'm not the biggest college football fan and I've just seen some highlights BUT...

    the highlights I've seen of Vince Young are awesome. He looks to have a strong arm and AMAZING running abilities.

    What make Leinart better than Young? IMO, its much easier to be a QB if you have a guy like R. Bush running for ya.

    Just wanted to hear some college football fanatics points of view.

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    IMO they're both great. Don't forget though, that in 2004, when Reggie Bush was just "very good" Matt Leinart carried that USC team to an undefeated season with his arm, winning the Heisman trophy along the way.

    Vince Young also wasn't spectacular as a passer last year, when he had Cedric Benson tearing it up in Austin. Then again, he was also a sophomore.

    I like Leinart more as a QB than I do Vince Young, but they'll both probably be good. That side-arm delivery that Young refuses to abandon really pisses me off...I'm not sure why, it just looks funny watching a guy throw a 45-yard pass sidearm.

    But, if Vince Young doesn't work out as an NFL QB, he could probably play about 10 other positions as well...Leinart, not so much.


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