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Thread: Miller and Rhodes putting in extra time

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    Miller and Rhodes putting in extra time

    DB coach Corwin Brown told PFW that the reason why the Jets’ two rookie defensive backs — SS Kerry Rhodes, who has started since Week One, and CB Justin Miller, who has started since Week 10 — have shown steady improvement is the fact that they are putting in extra time away from the practice field. “The one thing both of them, from a preparation standpoint, they’re much better than when they came in,” Brown said. “I was talking with (defensive coordinator) Donnie (Henderson) the other day, because we were making a point; whereas earlier in the year Justin would try to do it from memory, try to remember what you were telling him, this time he was writing notes down. So, I went and looked in his book and I shook my head and I said, ‘That’s pretty good. You’re going to be all right because you’re starting to figure it out.’ Because now, when they go home, instead of watching TV, they’ll flip their notebooks open and they’ll review their notes. (For instance) about a week ago, Kerry came in and asked me something he was thinking about when he was home, and that’s what you want.”

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    That's good to hear... though our D has underperformed I think our secondary has a very bright future with these two guys along with Coleman.

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    So much for Miller being a head case because he partied at the end of his Senior Year. Sounds like the guy's willing to put in the time to get better.


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