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Thread: Start The Kids!!!!!!

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    Start The Kids!!!!!!

    Being that the season has been over for the last 8 weeks, and we have absolutely nothing to lose , I say lets give all the kids a shot at starting the next 2 games to see what theyve got.

    Our starting line up should be:

    QB- Brooks Bollinger
    RB- Cedric Houston, Terry Butler
    FB- Luke Lawton
    WR- Dante Rigeway
    WR- Jericho Cotchery
    TE- Joel Dressen
    LT- Adrian Jones
    LG- Doug Niehuis
    C- Norm Katnik
    RG- Isaac Snell
    RT- Steve Morley

    DE- Dave Ball
    DE- Trevor Johnson
    DT- Sione Pouha
    DT- Matt McChesney
    OLB- Ryan Myers
    MLB- Jamar Enzor
    OLB- Mark Brown
    CB- Justin Miller
    CB- Derrick Strait
    FS- Rashad Washington
    SS- Kerry Rhodes

    and let Justin Miller return both kick-offs and punt-returns.

    Hey it cant be any worse than what we already have!

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    I would love to see this Vs. Buffalo. Give us an idea of what kind of young talent we have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyo7
    Terry Butler
    I've been asking for the Jets to give him a real shot since the season started. Butler is better than a) the Jets think and b) Askew. Give him the ball.

    He'll be an excellent change of pace from Houston

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    as much as I'd love to see it, it's definatly a health risk to have all those young guys getting run over by experience veterans with no veteran help of their own...

    and the veterans on our team aren't paid to sit aorund

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    This Is Not The Time To Experiment

    The Season Is Too Important

    Stay The Course! Stay The Course!

    Bench Thomas, Cotchery, Etc Etc - Bench Them All!

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    jeez Kenny you trying to get Brooksy killed with that O-line?I agree though I wanna see the kids too-that's the one good thing that could come out of this debacle of a season-a more experienced team for next year.Hey some of these guys we would NEVER have seen case in point Houston,Dreessen

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    I have to agree with the critics. Don't try to play all the young guys at the same time. Perhaps try to rotate them in here and there to get a look.

    We do really want to see Cedric Houston run as much as possible, though, to evaluate the RB position before the draft.

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    I'm still waiting for Miller to break one and I know he's capable of that. That would be the highlight of the season. Go and get'em Justin!!!!


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