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    The effect Vince Young will have on the Jets

    What comes out of this National Championship victory by the Texas Longhorns that has a dramatic effect on the 2006 NFL Draft? Vince Young will come out. Although his mechanics need a lot of work, and hes is basically a raw talent, he wont want to get McGaheed and get injured next season, plummeting his stock. SO Young will come out, and after the combine the consensus top three picks will be Bush, most likely at number one to the Texans, though i could see the 49ers trading up and the Texans taking D'Brickshaw Ferguson at the number 2 spot, Leinhart and the aforementioned Ferguson. That leaves Young at number 4, my beloved New York Jets. They wont take Young here, an opt to trade down to grab some more picks, and take the USC rushing touchdown leader Lyndel White with the 13th pick, obtained from the Baltimore Ravens .

    Granted the above editorial is completely of my own dreams, it is feasible. White may come out for the same reason i think Young will, McGahee. That injury changed the outlook on staying or going.
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