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Thread: lets bring in Jim Haslett???

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    lets bring in Jim Haslett???

    You've got to be kidding me. Let me see, at least Herm leaving gives Bradway more time. Haslett was in NO a while and showed no ability to win and no ability to develop a QB. And we need a QB>


    Look at the Jets-NO game this year. Haslett made three glaring management mistakes that Herm has been making since he has been a coach.

    1. Haslett took a time out with 2:04 to go in the half on defense. He wanted the ball back and would have saved 40 seconds if he let clock run to 2:00.

    2. On offense he accepted a Defensive holding penalty instead of offsides 0n 1-10 on a multiple foul play.

    3. He messed up another time out at the end of the game.

    4. Got called for OH running out the clock allowing clock to stop on 3rd down play giving Jets a chance.

    He stinks and has not showed he can coach or think in this league.

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    too bad the mods closed my thread.

    Turns out most of the talks between Haslett and the Jets were initiated by Haslett's agents.


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