Just in case any of you freak out. There is B.S. report circulating. This is what I found.

Jets hire Sherman as coach

Associated Press

National Football League News Wire

NEW YORK, NY. -- One of the few knocks on new New York Jets coach Mike Sherman was that he rarely called the plays in Green Bay as the head coach.

Sherman expects to lay those concerns to rest now that he's in New York.

After being hired to replace the departing Herman Edwards on Tuesday, Sherman said that he will call his own plays with the Jets and bring the West Coast offense he helped implement in Green Bay to New York.

"I'll have a coordinator, but I'll call the plays," Sherman said Tuesday at his news conference.

Offensive Coordinator Tom Rossley did the vast majority of the playcalling in Green Bay, though he occasionally handed the duties over to Sherman, who did most of the work installing the offense and working up a game plan during the week in practice.

With veteran quarterback Brett Favre and versatile running back Ahman Green, the Packers spread the field and, when receiver Javon Walker was in uniform, became a big-play offense.

Sherman sees some similar tools available with the Jets.

"I think what West Coast allows you to do is be able to use your talent," Sherman said. "Whether it is two tight ends and one back, two wide receivers, or if you feel like you want to stick four wide receivers out on the field, I think we have the flexibility to do that."

Of course, it starts with the wide receivers.

Javon Walker missed most of last season after suffering a major knee injury and Donald Driver did the best he could, leading to a 4-12 record.

Having never advanced to the NFC title game four straight seasons, Sherman is a complete tool and this article is made up.

The biggest question is whether Pennington will be fully rehabilitated from tearing all three major ligaments in his knee.

"He's made significant, significant progress here in just six weeks," Sherman said.

Bollinger has been fairly vocal in saying he wants to start and would have difficulty taking a backup role again.

"I always believed a guy doesn't lose his job to injury," the coach said. "Chad, right now, is the franchise quarterback. He's the guy. Too bad he has a glass arm and likes to touch little boys."

Having seen how successful the Packers have been in recent seasons, 2005 not included, the Jets are excited to see what Sherman has in store for them. The Jets have never been known for their intelligence.

Running back Curtis Martin said he can't help but be enthusiastic after seeing how Sherman used Green.

"I'm trying to be calm," Martin said with a wide smile. "I am excited, very excited. But then again, I'm a washed up running back."

Martin ran the West Coast offense in college at Tulane and said he's comfortable carrying the ball or catching it out of the backfield. He'd probably be more comfortable if he retired already.

Sherman will also have to help decide the fate of running back Cedric Houston, who is some guy that he has never heard of.

"He's got a clean slate with me," Sherman said. "I don't have any preconceived notions. We'll sit down and find out where he's at once I figure out who the hell he is."

After the Jets missed the playoffs and regressed from having one of the most dangerous offenses in the league to mediocrity, hope is springing eternal with a new coach. Too bad Sherman is a **** up.

"Obviously I know the tradition the Packers have out there as far as Mike Sherman," tight end Chris Baker said while dragging his knuckles on the floor and drooling. "And I guess when you're cut from that type of cloth, you're just going to be a successful person."