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Thread: Value of our 2nd Round pick

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    Value of our 2nd Round pick

    I've read a few threads here and there about Max Jean-Gilles, and how a lot of people would like us to draft him. BUT they don't think he'd still be available to us in the 2nd round.

    Given that this is acknowledged as a deep draft, with maybe 40 players worthy of a first round grade, does that add value to our 2nd round pick? In other words, could it make it easier for us to trade up from 35 to get Jean-Gilles - assuming we want him? (Same could apply to anyone else I guess, but he's just a good example).

    Just as an example - according to the draft value chart, we'd need to give up the equivalent of a mid 3rd to move up from 35 to 25. (35 is worth 550 points, 25 is worth 720; difference of 170 is same as #20 in Round 3). But if there are teams with a low first who have a lot of guys ranked at the same or similar values, someone might be willing to trade down with us for less - they'd still pick up real value in Round 2, plus get an extra pick - say our first pick in Round 4 (as we're likely to have lots in Round 4, thi wouldn't be too bad a pick to give up to move up).

    I could especially see Denver open to trades, as they have two late 1st picks (22 and 29). What does anyone else think?

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    Interesting thought, my targets late in the first would be:

    DT Gabe Watson, Michigan
    OT Winston Justice, USC
    OT Marcus McNeill, Auburn

    Goal would be to select at least 3 quality lineman on day 1

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    will the jets trade down?

    if they do they will have multiple picks in the first four they can draft many talented players

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    jets will have to take Best Availible. And there will be great talent.

    TE, LB, OL, DL

    whatever is there will be great.


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