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Thread: OT: Greenies dog treat warning

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    Exclamation OT: Greenies dog treat warning

    I was watching CNN Anderson Cooper last night and they had a segment on the danger of giving your dog Greenies and treats like them. Many dog owners and vets say the treat does not digest properly if the dog does not chew it down well-- it remains very hard... many dogs got them stuck in their throats and it blocked their digestive track and caused deaths. Owners did not know why their dogs got sick or died until taken to a vet. Greenies are those green treats shaped like a tooth brush. I would be careful of any hard vegetable-based treats.

    and while I'm talking about pet warnings

    Also I wouldn't use those clumping cat litter products either. When cats clean themselves, they ingest it and can cause health problems. Best thing to use is old-fashioned plain clay litter or products like Care Fresh.

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    Thats explains why my cat totally missed the litter box and let loose on my floor. Spiteful little *****.....

    That Greenie advisory has been around for a few months now. I saw what they looked like when removed from the dog on TV. Do yourself a favor folks, stick with the Milk Bone. Id rather have my dog with smelly breath then no breath at all....

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    Damnit. My dogs dig their Greenies.

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    My dog stopped getting hungry

    My dog stopped eatting his dog food and I got pissed at him and thought he was being too fussy. Turns out he found a deerling in the woods and dragged him to within 100 yds of the house. He had the deer buried in snow all over the property. He split it up into about 5 different places and would gorge himself every now and then.

    She was a German Shepard wild dog that lived in the woods and refused to live inside our house. I finally built a huge dog house for her with nice cumfy bed. She was the best dog I ever had. Would chase bears up trees etc. never bark.

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    my dog has 1 every night.

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    What about rawhide bones?

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    yea my dog has greenies every now and then. He loves them!


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