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Thread: Ham's wish may not come true.

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    Ham's wish may not come true.

    From the Titans board.

    --Before this let me say the people based on Fisher articles and everything were prob 50/50 Young/Cutler until the "6" lol.

    Originally Posted by TITAN 1
    Jay Cutler continued to throw very well today, continues to impress NFL draft expert Mike Mayot who is broadcasting live from the combine.

    Yes, he sure did. Jay Cutler keeps solidifying his massive rise in stock. There is nothing that is hype about this man. He is putting up an exceptional performance at the combine. His throws were great, 40 time, test scores, interviews, even his live press conference showed the confidence he has in himself and his game. Basically calling out Leinart and Young, by saying that he wished he had more competition to go up against in Indy, was impressive. And his pro day is still yet to come.

    Dbaseball30 posted the results in the Jay Cutler thread. I don't think he will mind if I borrow what he posted, and post the results here as well.

    Originally Posted by dbaseball30
    Here's some of Cutler's offical stats from the combine:
    40 yd. Dash: 4.77
    Peak mph throw: 60 mph
    Bench Press: 23 times at 225

    Analysis are saying that he missed only 2 throws out of all that they threw at the combine. NFL Network is very impressed with him. They say he solidified his status as the #1 QB in the draft. His throws today proved he can make throws that probably only 5 QB's in the NFL can make. Jeff Fisher will be on NFL Total Access tonight at 6 to talk about what the Titans are doing.

    And do not be looking for Coach Fisher on NFL Total Access tonight to tip away anything at all about what they are reading or thinking about Cutler. Coach Fisher and the Titans will not want to give away what their real thoughts are on their favorite prospects.
    Has there ever been a rise like this in draft history? I really think after its said and done he might be considered at 2 lol.
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    Cutler greatly improved his stock while Vince Young is falling hard.

    Pretty much means that it will go Bush Leinart Cutler.

    Leinart IMO, is still the best QB in this draft, he can do everything and he's a winner.

    Cutler could be the next Favre or the next Jeff George.

    This could be better for us anyways. Now that one of the quarterbacks proved he's not fit for the NFL because of intelligence, this lets us sit at 4 take D'Brickashaw/AJ Hawk/Mario Williams (whoever the Jets have rated highest) and ignore the top 3.

    Could be a blessing in disguise.


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