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Thread: JetsGoFar's 3 round mock draft (Jets)

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    JetsGoFar's 3 round mock draft (Jets)

    First of all, in my scenario, Jets trade Abe and 4th rounder for Browns #12 pick. Penny restructures, Young slips, and hopefully our high 2nd and 3rd round picks are good enough to get the following:

    #4: Mario Williams
    #12: Vince Young
    2nd round: Nick Mangold
    3rd round: Maurice Drew

    DE Williams
    NT Robertson
    DE Ellis
    LB Vilma
    LB Barton
    LB Hobson
    LB Thomas
    CB Miller
    CB Barrett
    SS Celestin
    FS Rhodes

    QB Penny/Young/Bollinger
    RB Martin/Drew/Houston
    FB Askew/Lawton
    TE Dreesen/Jolley
    LT Jones
    LG Mangold
    C Mawae
    RG Moore
    RT Ashworth (FA)
    WR Coles
    WR Cotchery

    Makes us better in games and in practice.

    Young learns under Penny, gets some time to develop, and can a) play in a pinch and deliver great leadership and energy, and b) can help us immediately in practice when going against running quarterback on opposing team on Sundays. If somehow, someway, he doesn't pan out as a QB, then we could convert him to another position. Paying #12 money for a project with major potential is a lot safer than paying #4 money for him. If we happen to trade Abe to the Lions and get their #9 pick, I'd still choose Young here (ahead of the Cardinals).

    Williams is a BEAST, and more than makes up for Abe's departure. BT becomes a valuable linebacker/backup DE. D-Rob learns to play NT...if he has to, he can do a good job there (I hope).

    Mangold is the perfect eventual replacement for Mawae, and he makes a great guard right now to replace Kendall's expensive contract. Smart player, very good leader.

    Maurice Drew is my pick at running back. The guy is short, but built like a truck with top end speed. Imagine this guy busting through our line, somewhat hidden....then BAM!!!

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    I think Mangold would need to be taken much earlier than #35.

    Also, I am not a fan of V. Young - don't thiink he will be a QB in the NFL for a few years...maybe a HB or WR, or any position to get the ball in his hands and RUN!!!

    Go JETS!!!!

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    Good Plan

    Not exactly my picks but not bad either; I like the fact that you got Young. Too many are saying he's not going to translate into the NFL QB; however, QB spot is one of the hardest to predict anyway. The scouts make more mistakes at QB than anywhere else. Good Job.


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