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Thread: New Cba could be announced in a few days!!

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    New Cba could be announced in a few days!!

    Im excited.

    NFL | Kraft predicts CBA deal by Wednesday
    Mon, 27 Feb 2006 21:07:58 -0800

    Updating previous reports, Len Pasquarelli, of, reports New England Patriots vice president Jonathan Kraft expects a new collective bargaining agreement to be completed by Wednesday, March 1. Kraft said, "If I were betting, I would bet there would be a deal by Wednesday." League owners are scheduled for a conference call Tuesday, Feb. 28, to discuss the status of negotiations.
    CBA IS "DONE," BUT . . . .

    A league source tells us that a deal between the NFL and the NFL Players Association on an extension to the Collective Bargaining Agreement is "done," and that the only thing keeping the thing from being signed and sealed is the absence of a firm arrangement among owners regarding an expansion of revenue sharing.

    The only remaining problem is that the new CBA replaces "Defined Gross Revenues" (i.e., the stuff that has been shared by the 32 teams for years) with "Total Football Revenues" (i.e., every penny earned). And if every penny earned, including stuff that isn't currently shared, goes into the formula for determining the salary cap, the problem is that the low-earning teams will see their individual cap numbers influenced by the much bigger money being raked in by other teams.

    Stay tuned. It's looking more and more like it's only a matter of time before the owners work this thing out. As they should.
    A league source tells us that the NFL previously promised to disseminate on Monday the official crop report (a/k/a salary cap numbers) for 2006, and that the league ultimately failed to do so.

    This development has prompted increased speculation among league insiders that a new CBA is imminent, since an extension would require the team-by-team salary maximums to be re-calculated pursuant to the formula set forth in the new agreement.

    We've previously heard that the new CBA will determine the cap numbers based on a percentage of "Total Football Revenue." Current thinking in some circles is that the number will be 59 percent, and that the salary cap will be between $100 million and $110 million per team for 2006.

    Raw revenue numbers suggest an even higher number, but we're told that there are certain deductions that will be made before the 59 percent figure is applied.

    Anyway, brace yourself for what looks to be an inevitable announcement that peace and harmony will continue in a sport premised upon anything but.

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    If it's true that would be some great news for the Jets. I also think it would increase the likelihood of Chad getting cut. I think at this point the renegotiations are simply because they know they can save money on the cap by keeping Chad at a cheaper rate, while cutting him outright will cost them the full $12 million. However, with more space to work with, the Jets may be more likely to bear the brunt now to help for the future.

    It will also help keep the Jets from having to get rid of any more people that they may really want to keep around. Of course on the other end, it would make the likelihood of the Jets doing anything in FA even less, since other teams will now have ever greater amounts of cap room.

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    100 million to a 110 million?

    What was the last salary cap? 90 million?

    Lets hope for 110 million so we can sign a free agent or two and trade John Abraham. Both the Redskins and Broncos have high cap numbers that could stop a trade from happening.

    This is very good news.

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    I think it'll go $103-$105. New salaries are going to become rather inflated otherwise.

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    i wonder if the salaries for rookies will be regulated instead of paying the 1st pick in teh draft like a hall of famer..


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