I've been on this site for a while but never did much on the draft really didn't fallow it.But this year I've watched more games and the combined so I'll throw this out for debate,my picks for the first three rounds.

#1 D'Brickashaw Ferguson :tackle Virginia
from any inside top 20 pick for Abe 2nd #1 Broderick Bunkley: DT Florida St
#2 Max Jean-Gilles:Guard Georgia
#3 Brodie Croyle or Charie Whitehurst: QB
From what I keep hearing this is a comp pick for Jordon;#3 If available Anthony Fasano or Marcedes Lewis TE

Like I said this is my first time so I don't know if I'm reaching,foolhardy,or just plain off the mark.But thanks for the time to read it and any constructive criticism.