If we sign Runyon, which looks like it might happen, we would still need:


1. a true NT. 325+lbs.

2. a dynamic OLB/DE to put pressure on the QB.

3. a shutdown CB.


1. a big physical guard.

2. a two way TE.

3. a young center to groom.

4. a #1 WR either big and physical or super fast.

5. a big power, short yardage, goal line FB/RB.

I did not put QB down because we are going to go with Ramsey and Pennington this year. One was good once and the other is young, undeveloped and talented. Lets see what this coaching staff can do.

Other than QB, are there other positions you think need to be addressed?

What round do you think we will address some of these key positions in the draft?