The Jets have options at 29.

They can move up if they want to. That's if they see a coveted player sliding and they feel the need to move up and snatch that player.

The truth is there not a position in the draft that I can't see The Jets targeting. The main focus is at QB, O-Line and a front 7 defensive player but I wouldn't rule out a TE,RB, WR or even a DB. Why would The Jets rule those positions out?

If The Jets don't see a player they are in love with at 29. They could move down and get more draft picks.

The important thing at 29 is to look at the teams directly in front or behind you and see what they could be targeting.

Let's look at the teams directly behind The Jets.

Pick #33-Houston Texans- Houston is at the top of The 2nd round. I think, they could move up from there to target an offensive lineman. They need a few. The Steelers and Seahawks at 32 and 31 could both be targeting offensive lineman and there figure to be some highly rated interior players available late in the first round.

From Nick Mangold to Max Jean Gilles to Davin Joseph etc... Houston may need to jump ahead of Pittsburgh and Seattle to get one of their desired o-lineman. After D'Brick and Winston Justice go off the board. The next big first round lineman are some of the names, I mentioned and it also includes Marcus McNeil and Eric Winston. Jonathan Scott could also sneak in late.

What can Houston offer? They have two picks at the top of the 3rd round. Theirs and New Orleans pick from last years trade up in The 1st.

At 30, The Colts are expected to take a RB with the loss of Edgerrin James. 4 RB's are expected to go in round one. Bush goes first and then The Colts among other teams will wait and see if Lendale White, Laurence Maroney or DeAngelo Williams falls to them. Jets could take one of those RB's at 29 and Indy knows this. They may have to move in front of The Jets or deal with us.

That's just a sample of what could develop on draft day.