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Thread: What would you rather have?

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    What would you rather have?

    Ok forget all the talk about to many picks were giving up. This is what it comes down to.

    Who would you rather have Brickashaw, Mangold and Max Jean Gilles or Bush and Davin Joseph.

    That is what the top two picks would come out to be with the trade up.

    I would rather have Bush and Joseph. A back like this comes along every 15 years. We must make a trade!!! Thoughts?

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    We only have one hole on the offensive line, RT, so it's a no brainer to me. Not to mention that you can "coach up" offensive linemen as the Patriots have done - they don't all have to have 1st round grades.

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    I'd rather get more picks and stuff our OL with great prospects at this point. Bush is amazing but we didn't expect him to fall. To get those three prospects, or even trade down and get Justice instead of Brick and yet another pick in the early second just sounds like more value to our team than Bush and a mid-second rounder. But I could easily be wrong....

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    Bush and Mangold


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