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Thread: Parys Haralson....3/4 OLB

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    Parys Haralson....3/4 OLB

    I would love if we chose this kid, check out his scouting report.

    rojected Round: 2nd-3rd

    Strengths: Haralson is a natural playmaker as a pass rusher off the edge. Very quick off the snap. He is relentless in pursuit of the passer or ball carrier. He will make his share of plays against the run if the play isn�t going directly toward him. Haralson has good foot speed and is capable of changing direction easily in order to get past blockers. Haralson is a multiple time team defensive captain. He has superb athleticism that will make the inevitable switch to linebacker easier.

    Weaknesses: As is typical with college pass rush specialists, Haralson is on the small side to be effective against the run at the end position. He lacks bulk and power to hold the point of attack if the opposition runs right at him. If he doesn�t beat an opposing tackle off the snap, he will typically get engulfed and taken completely out of the play. Haralson�s pass rushing moves could use some work too, as he tends to rely on his speed a bit too much at times. Playing four years at end will make it tough for him to have an immediate impact at the linebacker position. He might have to be brought along slowly to reach his ultimate potential.

    Overall: The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Haralson is speed and lots of it. He has been very effective and productive at the end position during his time at Tennessee. Haralson looks to be a perfect candidate to make the switch to 3-4 pass rushing outside linebacker as a pro. His impressive performances at Senior Bowl practices have him rising up the boards pretty fast. If he can come out of the combines/workouts with a good 40 time and show that he is capable of making the switch to linebacker with ease, he could sneak up into the middle of the 2nd round or even higher.

    Reminds you of: DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys

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    I like Mark Anderson a little better...and STanley McClover might have the most potential out of anyone still on the board, but I wouldn't be upset with Haralson at all.


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