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    I was hoping the Jets would draft either the Notre Dame TE or the TE from Texas (Pats drafted him ). The Pats actually took two TEs this year. They seem to have a surplus at that position, unless they lost a few that I wasn't aware of.

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    I think they lost Fauria, so one of their draftees will be #3 in the rotation. The other guy is going to play fullback rather than TE (probably a kind of H Back role I'd guess).

    I'm interested in what we'll do with the guys we have. Dreesen was drafted last year and Posciak (sp?) this year, alongside Jolley, Baker and Dearth. I think if Dreesen can take over long snapping then Dearth will be cut as he brings little else to the table. That way we'd still be keeping 4 guys though.

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