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Thread: Went to Broward Co Gator Gathering - Meyers said he knows Belly well - Why all the UF

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    Went to Broward Co Gator Gathering - Meyers said he knows Belly well - Why all the UF

    Went to the Fort Lauderdale Gator Gathering to hear Urban Meyer talk about the Gators.

    Midway through, he started saying there is a reason for all the Gators going to NE - all but 2 went there, Dee Webb can't remember where he went, Mike DeGory - left the Rams to go to Med school.

    He said they were all high character players and that they belonged on a team like NE.

    I later found out from a friend that is a local high school coach that Bellichick went to a couple spring practices as my friend spoke to him while he was at a coaching seminar at UF.

    Also learned that about half the players have above a 3.0 gpa, and the teams overall average is 2.79.

    I think that these are the types of players the Jets will get in the future - smart and good guys.

    Hope they get Dallas Baker when he comes out next year - 6'3' and 225 lb wr. Plus he turned himself around since the UT game

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    Dee Webb went to the Jags in the 7th round. He expected to be a first/second round pick and left early for no reason. Another reason I think he fell is because before the draft he was found outside an apartment complex in Gainesville with an AK-47.

    I played bball with Dallas Baker. He's a nice guy, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Also, I blocked him when he was going up for a dunk (I have witnesses). Then the next time down he dunked over me.

    In regards to all the Gators going to NE, that was the last thing I wanted to see. Vernell Brown got a 2-year contract and apparently he said Belichick told him before the draft that if no one drafted him that NE would sign him immediately.


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