Our offensive line is going through a major change. We have a bunch lightweights up front. With all these athletic guys up front...Its a drastic change from the Mauling Fabini, Mckenzie days. These guys can run, and looke like we could be doing a lot more zone blocking.

Curtis Martin- Martin is a good back-with a lot of mileage. Pretty accustomed to having a lead blocker. It seems as if we are going to employ less of a traditional FB and more of the TE/HBack Hybrid. Can Martin Still Strive? Unless you guys are assuming that Askew is gonna be the 2nd coming of Richie Anderson.

Leon Washington- A good, fast, low center of gravity guy. May not be a full time starter just yet. Could flourish in this type of system.

Houston- He may be the best fit for this style of offense. Tough with good vision.

Blaylock- Could also be a factor...however I'm banking on him being traded after the preseason.

Dontrell Moore-The Wildest Card of the Bunch. Moore will probably impress his way onto the practice squad.