About Training camps in years gone by, from Dr. Z of Sports Illustrated. I'm not a big fan of Dr. Z, but this is pretty good. Weeb was a joker!

Training camp memories
Tales from when reporters were actually welcome

Training camp was a lot more fun when Weeb Ewbank ran the show for the Jets.

I'll be hitting the training camp in a couple of weeks, but believe me, it won't be the same. In 1966, I became the regular beat writer covering the Jets. Training camp was where you got to know people. You went up to their rooms and talked. You ate at their table. You actually felt that you were welcome. Now you're treated as a pariah. Some clubs put assistant coaches off limits to the press. Players on some teams are only available coming off the field after practice. It's grim.

Just how deep that animosity goes was brought home to me at a Bills' practice last year. It was a blisteringly hot day. Things were swimming before my eyes. I asked a PR assistant if I could have some of the water I saw nearby.

"That's for the trainers," he said. "They wouldn't like it if I gave you any. You'll have to wait 'til after practice."

I remember the Jets used to have a 12-minute run when the players first reported to camp. We had a pool going on the sidelines. The writers put up a dollar a man, and you had to pick the last-place finisher, winner take all. Dropouts didn't count.

So one time the run started, and coach Weeb Ewbank noticed all the action in our section. "Whatcha all doing?" he said and we told him. "Too late to get in?" he said and we said no and took his buck and he picked Randy Rasmussen, the starting left guard.

This was an upset because you seldom picked a regular, not with so many fat free agents around. But after a few laps Weeb had a definite contender in the slow-moving, heavy-legged Rasmussen. He was struggling near the back of the pack as they came around.

"Take it easy, Randy boy!" Weeb yelled at him. "We're not trying to make a miler out of you." Randy finished next to last, 30 yards upfield from fullback Jim Nance. Vinny DiTrani of the Bergen Record took the pot.

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