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Thread: One Man's Traitor...

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    One Man's Traitor...

    August 12, 2006 -- HAS treason become im possible to commit?
    Former Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal has penned an article for the online journal Salon revealing that the National Security Agency "is providing signal intelligence to Israel to monitor whether Syria and Iran are supplying new armaments to Hezbollah . . . according to a national security official with direct knowledge of the operation."

    In other words, Blumenthal and a source at the NSA are providing two terrorist-sponsoring nations and their surrogate vital information in the middle of a war. Iran, Syria and Hezbollah will undoubtedly make the necessary "adjustments" - adjustments that will likely lead to more Israelis being wounded or killed.

    If that is not treason, we have entered an age where law and politics are indistinguishable. One man's "traitor" becomes another man's "whistleblower."

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    where's the treason?
    The whole world knows that USA supports Isreal in every way possible.

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    it's only treason when the rats are in charge- otherwise it's referred to as transparency of goverment, freedom to know, etc....

    Quick hypocthetical question- had the recent terror plot the UK destroyed been hatched in the US do you really thing the NY Slimes or some other liberal moputhpiece would not have written an artilce blowing it's cover??

    And would not the looney left justified that blown cover??


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    OH CRAP! And we are talking about this on THIS forum?!?!? Oh, Jesus Christ! Please stop now! What if the terrorists are lurking here? They might have already gone back and told hizzballugh that we know about them.

    SH*T! Thanks alot CTJetsFan, BMan and Comeback. Now because of you idiots, our enemies now know our nations most vital secrets. You should be shipped to Guantanimo--and know I have to turn myself in for treason for typing this. Great....


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