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Thread: Jets Team Report

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    Jets Team Report

    Jets Team Report

    Posted: August 27, 2006

    Rich Cimini
    New York Daily News

    REASONS FOR OPTIMISM: QB Chad Pennington is making a better than expected recovery from a second surgery on his shoulder. His arm strength remains average, but he's throwing with more velocity and accuracy than he did a year ago, when he was struggling to recover from the first surgery. The offensive line, a major weakness last season, has nice potential. LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson and C Nick Mangold, two rookies, are solid building blocks. Ferguson is an elite athlete with a chance to become a shutdown pass protector. Mangold is a heady player with better than advertised athletic ability. The young secondary could be very good. FS Kerry Rhodes and CB Justin Miller are fast and athletic.

    REASONS FOR CONCERN:The Jets don't have any offensive players who will force defensive coordinators to adjust their game plans. That will put extreme pressure on Pennington and the line. One question that remains with Pennington is whether he can get the ball to the perimeter, especially on deep outs. If he can't, opposing defenses will pack the middle and take away his favorite throwing lanes. Kevan Barlow and Derrick Blaylock are capable backs, but they lack home run ability. At wideout, the Jets have a group of tough possession receivers, but none can stretch the field. Rookie WR Brad Smith, a former college quarterback, has breakaway ability as a runner, but he's raw as a receiver. The team traded its best pass rusher, RE John Abraham, to the Falcons, which created a major void. LE Shaun Ellis has double-digit sack potential, but he's a power rusher who isn't going to attract many double-teams. The defense faces a tough transition to the 3-4 because the personnel fits better in a 4-3. But coach Eric Mangini is hellbent on playing the scheme he used with New England. Neither Dewayne Robertson nor Kimo von Oelhoffen is a natural nose tackle, Bryan Thomas never has played outside linebacker, and Jonathan Vilma could struggle at inside linebacker. In the 3-4, Vilma won't have two big tackles keeping blockers off him.

    CIMINI'S BOTTOM LINE:Sorry, not this year. The Jets simply aren't equipped to win now. This year is all about building a foundation for the future, establishing Mangini's philosophy and finding the players who buy into it.

    SNAPSHOT WITH FS KERRY RHODES: Weirdest pregame ritual: Ray Mickens'. He does a funny little dance to get loose. He gets down, and he has to rub his knees because he's so old. Funniest trash-talker: Sam Madison from the Giants. I know Sam from Louisville, and we're always talking. He doesn't shut up at all. Huddle moment: Against Kansas City in the 2005 opener, the first drive of the season we gave up a big run on two downs and Dewayne Robertson went into a rant. He was screaming and hollering. All of a sudden, he stopped and said, "My bad, I'm sorry." He snapped back into his right mind. Unique locker: Kimo von Oelhoffen's. He's got about 20 cell phones in his locker, with cords and stuff everywhere -- a lot of electronic stuff. Player I most hate to play against: LaDainian Tomlinson. He's a beast to tackle one-on-one. He gave me nightmares last year. Most wired: Bryan Cox (assistant defensive line coach). He's definitely the most wired. He cusses everybody out -- it doesn't matter who it is. That's him; that's his personality. Bet you didn't know this about Eric Mangini: That he really has a personality. He's not just a monotone guy.

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    another article predicting how the Jets will do before we play one down of regular season football by someone who never played high school football and apparently is an "expert" and a good sports writer. Did I miss anything?


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