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Thread: No Good Muslims?

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    OK - we have one confirmed.

    Misleading thread title, btw.

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    Ahhhh, hope. Doggin, it is a wonderful thing.

    I am taken to wonder thuogh, howmuch of a part being raised in North America, as opposed to the ME, helped this courageous young man. i say that because I have seen videos of young Muslims being taught to kill Jews. In fairness, I don;t know if that is commonplace in the ME, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest it is.

    Today I got my annual welcome back to school packet and we have a newe pricipal. I have known the guy for a few years and I respect him (I don;t ordinarily say that about administrators.) In his packet he included a bit about great leadership. I couldn;t help but think abuot Bush...... it spoke of perseverance and holding to your beliefs above all else when things are going nuts. Love him or hate him, Bush has stuck to his guns.

    I remember when Bush spoke of how only freedom can take out the therrorsits. At the time, I didn;t think much about the comment, but began to ponder it over the next few days. I wound up seeing some wisdom in the remark. If ME countries can ever secure and appreciate their freedom, they will not allow it to be threatened by the likes of Al-Qeuda - or so t he logic goes. I think this guy in the video illustrates that. Living in a free society, he faced an evil challenge to both his faith and his free country and chose to fight the threat.

    Whether liberal or conservative, let's hope that Bush's comment showed insight and works out to be true. Knocking terrorism off the front page would be pretty cool

    Thx Doggin.


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