I want to refer you all to the ESPN expert picks on who would do what during the season prior to last year


If you take a quick scan of the prognosticators before last year started...all of them with the exception of Theisman regarding the Steelers, didn't have a F.....ing clue about how last year would transpire. I've read some threads this morning about how that excitement of going into opening day isn't quite here this year and that it is largely do to the lack of information coming out of the FO.

Come ON People!!! Let's get pumped!!! No-one knows anything anywhere!!! It's a blank slate. We're starting from scratch and I don't care how many times we look at rosters and talent and drafts and free agent pick-ups. It doesn't account for how a team comes together, how these guys work together and find a way to win!

Let's Go! I'm psyched! I love the youth and the potential that these guys have. I expect to see more than one or two rabbits pulled out of hats in every game this season and I fully expect to be surprised as Sh.. how competitive that we will be even against the best competition. If you can't get excited even a little about today then go shopping at the mall or something. I'm going to planted in front of the tube for 3 hours today and I'm going to be yelling and screaming and cursing just like I always do.

And next week when we after we beat those MF's I'll see you in the parking lot at the meadowlands and we can get those emotions stirred up all over again only 2 or three times more than this weekend because we'll all be together!!!

Let's go JETS! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Come on!!!! Get pumped everyone it's going to be great!!!!!!