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Thread: Herm Is Bad For Your Qb's Health

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    Herm Is Bad For Your Qb's Health

    Dear Kansass ****ty Chefs,
    On behalf of the NY Jets and all of the NY Jet fans Thank You for every thing you have done to get Herm Edwards to leave our organization.

    I know initially we were upset about the compensation we received for him but now that I think aboout it maybe we owe you picks for taking him.

    Year-QB Injured
    2006-Trent Green
    2005-Chad Pennington, Jay Fielder
    2004-Chad Pennington

    In conclusion, it will be fun watching him decrease the talent of every aspect of your team as he drafts 3 defensive backs a year.

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    Haha I thought the same exact thing

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    This thread will be closed. Yet very true.


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