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Thread: Jim Beam and Dumbya!!

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    Jim Beam and Dumbya!!

    He never gave up the drink!:

    1. Told Michael Brown he was doing a "good job" in respect to the response to hurricane Katrina.

    2. There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    3. "I don't care where Osama is."

    4. "Fool me once....shame on you. Foll me can never be fooled again.

    5. "C" students can also be president!

    6. The Palestinians and Israeli's don't want our help. (search your memory on this one folks).

    7. The best thing I've done since I've been president was catch a huge fish with my dad.

    Any questions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YellowSubmarine
    Any questions?
    Yes. How many more JI identities do you plan to deploy?


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