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Thread: Wimpy 9/11 coverage?

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    Wimpy 9/11 coverage?

    The proper tone for 9/11 commemorations is to be sad about all the dead -- "the lost" -- but in a very generalized soft-focus way. Not a lot of specifics about the lost, and certainly not too many quotes from those final phone calls from the passengers to their families, like Peter Hanson's last words before Flight 175 hit the World Trade Center: "Don't worry, Dad. If it happens, it will be very fast." That might risk getting readers worked up, especially if they see the flight manifest:

    "Peter Hanson, Massachusetts

    "Susan Hanson, Massachusetts

    "Christine Hanson, 2, Massachusetts"

    No, best to stick to a limpidly fey, tastefully mopey, enervatedly passive prose style that suggests nothing very much can be done about the incomprehensible lost. This tasteful passivity is the default mode of the age:
    Great article

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    what i don't get is why the 5th year anniversary is so important to Americans? why is the 5th year any more or less special than the 4th or the 6th year? It just seems arbitrary to me. The number 5 has no significance to this situation - more likely we should be on high alert for the 7th year anniversary because that is a significant number in Islam.


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