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Thread: This is not a 4-3 versus 3-4 issue - we just suck!

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    This is not a 4-3 versus 3-4 issue - we just suck!

    Guys, its easy to blame the 3-4 as the reason our D stinks but we played a lot of 4-3 and still stunk. Bottom line is we are not getting done versus the run or the pass. There are probably several reasons but here are some thoughts:

    The Pass: I think this is simple. The lack of pass rush is a major problem. Getting tio thwe QB is arguable the most important thing in football and we cannot do it AT ALL. B Thomas is an ok player at best and as a pass rusher is very below average. The 3 D- linemen get very little push. This will be the unit that sees the most change.

    The Run: this part of the D stinks but to be fair, it stunk last year and stunk in 03 and lets be honest, it wasn't great in 04. Again it leads me to believe that some of our guys on the front 7 simply are not getting it done.

    One general thing that concerns me is that the tackling has been awful this year. Bottom line is the front 7 is need of massive personnel changes.

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    i don't want to kill the players, they aren't the ones who decided prevent defense was the way to go up 20-3

    also people will say 'big effin deal' but yesterday Drob hit Harrington harder than any Jets defender has hit any QB all year. Bryan Thomas had 13 tackles, Moore had a FF. This is not a unit without talent they are often not put in a position to succeed by the CS.

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    i disagree

    we played some good qb's so far and played ok but lost.

    the bad qb's we played we controlled but the prevent d cost us

    if i had to single out 1 player on d that flat out sucks its justin miller......holy **** that guy sucks. let him on special teams.


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