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Thread: Jets 24/7 for Week 8

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    Jets 24/7 for Week 8

    Hey guys,

    I hope you enjoyed the show last week. I'm pretty sure they'll have the D'Brickashaw Ferguson feature we did up on the website before too long for those of you who missed it and want to check it out.

    Here's what you'll see on this week's show:

    1) A recap of the Jets/Lions game with analysis from Coach Mangini and commentary from the players
    2) A look at the importance of chemistry and how it translates on the field
    3) A Dewayne Robertson feature
    4) Great Moment in Jets' History - Jets @ Browns from 1991
    5) A preview of what to expect from the Browns

    The show will air on Sunday at 11:30 on WCBS and SNY.

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    Just wanted to let you guys know that they put the Ferguson feature online...

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    thanks man, I love the show

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    looking forward to this weeks show ... i hope you guys show all of dRobs cars that everyone seems to be talking about .. including some huge truck.

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    Just a reminder, Jets 24/7 will air tomorrow at 11:30AM on WCBS and SNY.

    We made a little addition to the show this week: a blood curdlingly frightening segment on some of the Jets' favorite Halloween costumes growing up...


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