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Thread: Vikings QB Situation - Bollinger to Start?

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    Post Vikings QB Situation - Bollinger to Start?

    It say's that Brooks suffered a sprained shoulder when he was put in to replace Brad Johnson in yesterday's game.
    No starter has been named for this week's game against the Detroit but since Johnson has been playing so badly it looks like the Team is turning to Brooksy, depending on his injury.

    I just thought it was interesting that the Jets could be going into Minnesota in a couple weeks to face Brooks Bollinger
    Either way, I'm liking their QB situation to work in our favor. We are either looking at facing a struggling Brad Johnson, who has only 8 TD's and 14 INT's, an injured Brooks Bollinger, or a second round rookie, Tarvaris Jackson.
    If Brooks or Jackson are in at QB I think all of our different defensive schemes are going to wreak havoc on these two!
    I look for our much improved defense to have a very good day.

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